Hafezi Capital Delivers Feasibility Study for Pediatric Oncology Center in Khartoum, Sudan

McLean, VA, December 28, 2022 – Hafezi Capital International Consulting developed a Feasibility Study for Sudan Children’s Cancer Organization in Khartoum, Sudan. The analysis was to undertake an in-depth research and viability of a Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Khartoum, Sudan. The analysis required new statistical models to be developed given that the number of pediatric cancer cases is under-reported within Sudan. Hafezi Capital’s Feasibility Study analysis reviewed the medical and geographic literature on issues related to Pediatric Cancer, treatment and accessibility and provided a final model for its continued survivability. The research further examined the potential of increasing the current 16% survival rate of pediatric cancer patients to the baseline of 83% within five years, as has been proven by other similar programs throughout developing countries.

The Feasibility Study analyzed the costs associated with the project’s development, medical and support costs, housing costs, insurance, patient affordability, increases in estimated survivability rate, and economic data. “The study was designed to be a thorough analysis of the Sudanese need for pediatric oncology and how Sudan Children’s Cancer Organization can have a strong impact in Khartoum. Based on our analysis, at minimum, the organization can save over 2,000 children with their program in the coming decade and increase survivability to above 80%,” said Babak Hafezi, the CEO of Hafezi Capital International Consulting. The goal of this project has always been to help develop a process by which the most vulnerable people in the world – children with different types of cancer – have the ability to not only survive but also thrive in Sudanese society.