Homeschooling platform Birla Brainiacs plans to touch 1000+ cities

New Delhi,16th May , 2023 : The hybrid homeschooling platform Birla Brainiacs serves students in Nursery through 12th grade. It seeks to motivate and equip students with advanced information and skills in a playful and experiential way. The platform enables students to plan their time efficiently for both academics and extracurricular activities

Expansion would also result in onboarding 500 + teachers, this move is to expand its footprint all over the country and boost their employment in these cities. The growth will bring about new employment opportunities while providing the cities with existing job opportunities. The company has already made a major contribution to employment in pan India.

Birla Brainiacs aims to achieve a balance between supervised instruction and self-study. There is a curriculum that develops Critical Thinking Skills, Reasoning Skills, and Memory through practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that enables students to learn at their own pace inside and outside of the classroom. These skills will be spread and learned across different cities with employed teachers.

Mr. Nirvaan Birla, Founder Birla Brainiacs, “This move will enable us to develop our business, connect with more kids all of which will help us achieve our goals. We are looking forward to hiring some teachers who will cater to students across the world. By keeping up this pace of growth, we hope to eventually cover the entire nation by adding more cities while also growing our workforce.”