ISB Executive Education rolls out Product Management Programme with Eruditus


Mumbai, January 27, 2022: The Indian School of Business (ISB), which is an internationally renowned AAA certified institute, has announced the 3rd cohort of its Product Management Programme with Eruditus, the global leader in making high-quality education accessible and affordable to individuals, companies, and governments worldwide.

As per a report by McKinsey & Company, 80% of product managers are involved in design activities while almost 60% of product managers have the analytical skills to draw insights without relying on analysts. The report also states that around 50% of Product Managers are involved in the pricing of a product. The report also highlights that the product manager is the centre point of innovation and growth in most companies, tasked with leveraging best practices to drive continuous product improvements and expand in new segments.

According to recent business reports, product management professionals have risen to C-suite leaders across the globe. Also, a product manager is often referred to as a mini-CEO, and acts as the connecting link across different cross-functional teams, ensuring that the efforts coalesce into products that users admire. From understanding customer pain points to creating solutions and eventually strategizing the roll-out of products or services, product managers have a huge contribution to a company and society. Many prominent personalities like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Marissa Mayer and Susan Wojcicki were Product Managers before climbing the corporate ladder to CEO level.

The Product Management Programme is ideal for mid to senior-level professionals with work experience of 6-15 years, who may not have any formal product management education in the domain or are looking to switch from different domains like marketing, finance, or sales and get a holistic understanding of product management. The programme is also suited for senior professionals who want to learn different product strategies, and best practices and utilize them to meet their business revenue goals in a more optimized manner or foray into creating innovative solutions for customers and clients.

Commenting on the programme, Mohan Kannegal, CEO, India and APAC, Eruditus, said, “The journey of a product lifecycle from the ideation phase to the final product phase is very crucial in terms of planning, development and execution. India has the opportunity to develop a 360-degree niche with new products that revamp the consumer experience. The product manager plays an integrated role when it comes to the life of a product, as they are a crucial conduit in the journey to fuel revenue generation. This programme will enable learners to gain skills to match the current industry demands to take enhanced business decisions.”

The teaching faculty comprising Dr Rajendra Srivastava, the former Dean of ISB, Professor Manish Gangwar, Associate Professor, Marketing and Executive Director of the Institute of Data Science and Business Analytics, and Professor Siddharth S. Singh, Associate Professor, Marketing and head of the Media hub, ISB’s initiative for excellence in market research have already taught over 450 students across 2 batches since the programme was launched in November 2021. The programme starts on 14th Feb 2022 and would run for a duration of 3 months.

The programme would also help learners with vast networking opportunities and help in job opportunities. On successful completion of the programme, participants become part of the ISB Executive Network.