KIIT College of Education organized a CPR Training Session

KIIT College

Gurugram: KIIT College of Education organized a CPR Training Session promoting community health and safety at KIIT Campus. Dr. Deepak Kapoor from MAX Healthcare led the session, supported by the Nav Bharat Times. The goal was to teach life-saving skills and prepare people for emergencies.

Dr. Kapoor, who knows a lot about emergency medicine, talked about how CPR can help someone having a heart problem. During the session, people got to practice chest compressions and rescue breaths, making sure they knew how to help in a life-threatening situation. The event had a really helpful Q&A session where people could ask questions and learn more about CPR, emergency response, and general health. Dr. Kapoor made it interesting and easy for everyone to talk and get more information.

Neelima Kamrah, Registrar of KIIT College of Education, said, “People had a great opportunity to learn vital skills that can truly aid in emergencies by participating in the CPR training at KIIT. The session not only discussed the importance of everyone being prepared, but it also demonstrated how collaborating with medical professionals, the media, and educational institutions can improve community health. Following the training, participants felt obligated to contribute to the safety and well-being of the community in addition to learning CPR.”