Medhavi Skills University and Counsel India join hands to Revolutionize MBA Program

Medhavi Skills UniversityNew Delhi, February 20, 2024, Medhavi Skills University (MSU) and Counsel India proudly announce the launch of very exclusive and groundbreaking MBA specializations in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Business Psychology, and Entrepreneurial Psychology, addressing the unique needs of counselors, psychologists, coaches, mentors, and corporate professionals. This collaboration aims at skill integration in higher education in the field of Psychology at the Postgraduate level and aligns with Skill India’s vision of creating a skilled and employable workforce thereby bridging the skill gap in various sectors, including counseling.

Filling Critical Gaps in MBA Programme:
Until now, there has been a glaring absence of MBA specializations tailored to meet the challenges faced by professionals at the workplace linked to various aspects of Psychology. These specialized MBA programs cater to the unique challenges faced by them, providing comprehensive knowledge and skills to efficiently manage self-practices and counseling setups. These innovative programs remove the significant void in addressing the psychological aspects of change in organizations and the intricacies of leadership from a psychological perspective.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Programs:
Medhavi Skills University offers a unique range of programs distinguished by the competency-driven curriculum and specialized approach to higher education through skilling, providing students with practical, industry-standard learning experiences. The key highlights of these programs lie in the significant emphasis placed on On Job Learning, ensuring that students engage in employment-driven experiences during the program. These programs are developed in collaboration with industry partners. The curriculum is meticulously crafted and concentrates on the principles and practices of Management and Business, complemented with core insights from the field of Psychology.

Addressing the Inseparable Connection of HR and Psychology:
In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, HR and Psychology are inseparable twins. These programs recognize the intrinsic link between human resources and psychology, providing professionals with the tools to navigate the complex realm of human behavior that drives organizational performance.

User-Friendly Learning Technology:
In collaboration with Counsel India as an Industry Skill Partner, learners will have access to a cutting-edge, user-friendly learning technology platform along with access to top experts, faculty, and instructors across the spectrum, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

Meeting the Demand: A Step Towards Huge Demand in Industry
In the wake of the increasing demand for mental health professionals in India, the 2-year practice-integrated MBA program is a strategic move to contribute to the nation’s interest in having more professionals in the field of Psychology and Counseling in the organizations. By empowering the students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the program sets a benchmark for producing highly competent professionals capable of making a meaningful impact in professional space.

A Bright Future for Indian Counseling Professionals
Counsel India and Medhavi Skill University’s joint initiative not only signifies a breakthrough in the realm of education but also holds the promise of shaping a brighter future for counseling professionals in India. The collaboration reflects a shared commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and addressing the critical need for skilled counselors in the country.

Quotes from Leadership:
Mr. Pravesh Dudani, Founder & Chancellor, Medhavi Skills University:
“These specialized programs are designed to address the specific needs of professionals in counseling, psychology, and corporate sectors. By merging theoretical knowledge with hands-on industry experience, we aim to produce graduates capable of making the much-needed contribution to the growing issues of mental health in our society and organization.”

Mr. Shivam Dixit, Co-founder & CEO, Counsel India:
“Counsel India is excited to collaborate with Medhavi Skills University as an Industry Skill Partner to introduce these exclusive MBA specializations. This initiative is a step towards bridging the gap in understanding the psychological dimensions of leadership and organizational change. By providing professionals with the skills to comprehend and navigate human behavior effectively, we aim to empower a new generation of leaders.”