NCR schools celebrate National Road Safety Week virtually

NCR schools

National Road Safety Week in India is celebrated from January 11th to January 17th every year. It aims at making the roads and streets in India safer. In consonance with this noble thought, schools and institutions across the NCR region celebrated this week with their unique set of activities virtually. The activities were planned with a motive to make the week fun, learning and experiential for the pupils involved.

DPS RNE Ghaziabad made an attempt to create awareness by sensitizing students towards the importance of road safety by celebrating virtual National Road Safety Week from January 12, 2022, to January 17, 2022. The program was initiated by the school Principal Mrs Pallavi Upadhayay who addressed the students thereby reiterating their role in following road safety rules & creating awareness about the same. It was followed by an array of activities conducted at different levels ranging from grades I to XII. The activities ranged from a discussion about the traffic rules, Oath-taking, Slogan Writing, Pamphlet Designing, Song Presentation and an Intra House Road Safety & First Aid Quiz Competition. The importance of obeying rules while travelling on the roads and the rules for pedestrians was also highlighted by the teachers during regular in-class discussions. Students were sensitized to the issue of road safety to make them responsible denizens of the country.

At MRG School, Rohini ‘National road safety week’ was observed from the 11th to the 17th of January. The students, after enjoying animated videos about road safety, participated in a conversation with the class teacher and a peer group to share their experiences and views. Students also made banners and posters explaining traffic signals and various road safety standards, followed by a show-and-tell activity. The purpose of these activities was to show concern for people and their lives rather than to take them for granted. In order for students to be responsible road users, they were educated on the subject of road safety.

The Shri Ram Wonder Years, a pre-school in Rohini organized ‘Pretend Play’ using the Immersive view along with Road Sign Puzzle. The activities were organized for the students of ‘Nanhe Kadam’ as it helps in shaping the attitude and behaviour of the young learners- ensuring they become responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians and riders in future. The tiny tots of ‘Phele Kadam’ also enjoyed making Traffic Light Sandwich. A Short Skit was enacted by the little learners of ‘Pyare Kadam’ to create awareness about methods to avoid accidents and introduce the Importance of Safety on the Road.

The National Road Safety Week celebrated around the schools inspired students to act responsibly on the road and make Indian roads the safest in the world.