New children’s book imprint from Entangled Publishing – Little Lark – to debut first title in fall ‘23

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I Love Everything About Me to provide young girls with lessons on self-acceptance

NEW YORK, NY (Feb. 16, 2023) – Little Lark, the new children’s book imprint from 100% women-owned, midsize publisher Entangled Publishing, will debut its first titles in the fall of 2023. In keeping with Entangled’s popular adult and young adult brands, Little Lark stories will focus on strong female characters discovering the world around them and learning more about themselves through positivity, humor, creativity, and fun.

Stacy Abrams, editorial director of Little Lark and a former picture book editor with Bloomsbury Children’s Books, says: “With Little Lark, we’re thrilled to be launching an imprint into a $2.6 billion industry that will fill a needed gap for parents and educators by focusing on books that specifically empower young girls while encouraging social change.”

I Love Everything About Me

The launch book for Little Lark, I Love Everything About Me by Fatima Scipio and illustrated by Paige Mason, takes readers through the adventures of a spirited young girl who embraces self-love and self-acceptance as a matter of course. Scipio is CEO of Young Enterprising Sisters (YES), a nonprofit initiative for girls worldwide with a mission of educating, empowering, and energizing the next generation of female entrepreneurs and business owners.

“There are certain books you read as a child and simply never forget,” says Scipio. “My hope is that all the youngsters who read I Love Everything About Me will immerse themselves in the story, take away the essential lessons, pass these on to loved ones and friends, and then carry them into their adult lives.”

Little Lark will feature titles for children ages 0-2 in the board book format and ages 3-5 and 5-8 in the hardcover jacketed format, with one book being published per quarter beginning in late 2023.