Pathways School Noida celebrates the day of Sharing to acknowledge the Silent Heroes

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Pathways School Noida celebrated the day of sharing today, i.e. on 14th December 2021. The event aimed at expressing gratitude and acknowledging all the students, teachers and the dedicated services of the support staff that are an important aspect of the School community such as workers who clean floors and transport staff who look after infants.

During the event, the support staff members who completed 5 years and 10 years in the school were felicitated by the Senior Management followed by a ‘Langar’ where the senior students served the lunch to the entire support staff and expressed their gratitude to the silent heroes. The event reminded us that while the doors to advantage may not be opened equally for all, our ability to respect and encourage every those surrounding us, is a choice we can make.

Furthermore, Pathways has always believed in creating young people who see themselves as a part of an entire community not divided by any class or economic level. Therefore, focusing on social, ethical and moral values, Pathways School has always involved students on various social causes such as providing education to children from economically deprived schools, raising funds for animal shelters or for food programs.

At Pathways, we believe to know each of our staff support as complete personalities with their wishes and hopes to be a way of bridging the economic divide which very frequently can become a human divide. One way of doing this is to celebrate the inherent talents that each support staff possesses.

It is this talent that the support team members including the Transport, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Horticulture, Security and F&B showcased during the cultural program with great enthusiasm. The event was meticulously organised by the Administration with great fun and excitement.