Seekho introduces SuperDegree, launches 4 innovative AI tools to enhance education and employability in India

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SeekhoNew Delhi, 18th July 2023: Introducing India’s first AI-proof degree, the AI-driven upskilling platform Seekho announced the launch of Seekho SuperDegree for the upcoming admission sessions this year, offering a wide range of interactive and personalised undergraduate and post-graduate degrees that help students and professionals kickstart their career. As a part of the degree, Seekho has also launched four innovative AI tools to transform the way learners and users approach job interviews, resume building, and learning.

In India, an estimated 80 lakh students graduate every year, but only 20 lacks are employable. This raises a major concern, highlighting the problem of unemployability emerging from an obsolete higher education system. To address this challenge, Seekho has introduced SuperDegree, designed to encompass recent AI advancements and provide a unique blend of classroom learning led by industry experts, project-based learning, and experiential learning to ensure that students and learners are ready for the corporate world. Seekho’s SuperDegree enables students with 99+ guaranteed interviews with top companies via a comprehensive preparation program, provides internship and placement support, and access to 10+ industry-certified projects validated by leading companies. Seekho SuperDegree offers degrees and certificates across major domains such as healthcare, finance, logistics, supply chain, and much more, and has received 10,000+ applications to date.

Mr. Arihant Jain, Co-founder and CEO of Seekho said, “Daily life has been disrupted by technology over and over again, and today, artificial intelligence holds the potential to greatly advance the way learners become job-ready. The introduction of the AI-proof SuperDegree is an initiative that excites and exhilarates us about the future of employability in India and comes in collaboration with 15 renowned universities, offering a grand total of 46 degrees and certificates that are most relevant and in-demand today. It is a moment of pride for the team and our partners at Seekho, as we gear up to deliver true change across the country’s employability landscape.”

In addition to the SuperDegree, Seekho has developed and launched four innovative AI tools: InterviewPro, Seekho Smart Resume Builder, Resume Review, and AI Tutor. InterviewPro is a powerful Chrome extension that offers users AI-powered mock interviews, personalised feedback, and comprehensive job preparation resources, helping them build confidence to ace their job interviews. Seekho’s Smart Resume Builder lets users create an impressive resume with features such as real-time editing, live content feedback, and AI-driven suggestions. The AI-powered Resume Review lets job-seekers leverage AI capabilities in gathering actionable suggestions to improve formatting, content structure, keyword optimisation, and more, enhancing their chances of success in landing their dream job. To date, an estimated total of 60,000 resumes have been reviewed, along with mock interviews being generated on Seekho’s platform. The Smart Resume Builder also offers creative and professional resume templates that are compatible with all roles, ensuring that resumes are ATS-friendly, greatly increasing a candidate’s chances of getting noticed by recruiters.

Mr. Arihant Jain further added, “Our AI tools are designed to help and assist learners and professionals with resume building and job interview preparation in the fast-evolving landscape of recruitment in India. The AI Tutor being developed by Seekho will further facilitate advanced learning for future job-seekers, and revolutionise higher education through the power of technology.”

The fourth AI tool, AI Tutor is an upcoming AI-powered educational assistant in development. Leveraging Seekho’s extensive content library, the AI Tutor will cover a wide range of subjects for students, professionals, and lifelong learners.