Campus Beats lead pair Shantanu Maheshwari and Shruti Sinha unfollow each other on Instagram, sparking speculations of a rift among fans

Amazon miniTVMumbai, December 1st, 2023: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service has successfully entertained audiences with its vast, path-breaking content library. The streaming service recently released two seasons of its much loved and anticipated teen drama, Campus Beats, featuring Shantanu Maheshwari and Shruti Sinha in lead roles, along with Sahaj Singh Chahal, Tanvi Gadkari, Harsh Dingwanii, Tanya Bhushan, Dhanshree Yadav, Teriya Magar, Adnan Khan, and Rohan Pal in pivotal roles.

Earlier today, it was observed that Shantanu Maheshwari and Shruti Sinha unfollowed each other on Instagram accounts. Not just that, after the spat, cryptic stories on their handles have sent fans into a speculative frenzy. Raising their curiosity meter, fans were intrigued to know what would happen next as the final season of Campus Beats is just around the corner. Fans have admired their chemistry ever since they lit up the screens from the first season of Campus Beats, and now this incident is making everyone wonder what is in store next!

While viewers eagerly await the final season, this incident has sparked several concerns among the fans, with some speculating that Season 3 might be in jeopardy. Will Netra solve the mystery, leading her to the University of M.A.D? Or will Ishaan and Netra come to address their true feelings? Will Season 3 even see the light of day? Well, we sincerely hope for the duo to mend things, as fans can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Ishaan and Netra in the final season!