Mahashivratri to Witness the Grand Release of Daket of Dholpur – A Tale of Dreams and Dedication

Daket of DholpuNational, 20th Feb 2023: This Mahashivratri, the silver screens across the nation are set to dazzle with the much-anticipated release of “Daket of Dholpur”, a captivating Bollywood masala film produced and acted by the talented Manoj Chaturvedi. Hailing from the heartland of India, Indore, Manoj Chaturvedi, along with director Afzal Khan, brings forth a story brimming with tragedy, action, drama, romance, and comedy. The film, slated for release on 8th March 2024, holds promise to enthrall audiences with its engaging narrative and stellar performances.

“Daket of Dholpur” marks a significant milestone for Manoj Chaturvedi, who, before his venture into Bollywood, served as a chemist in one of the country’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Undeterred by the demands of his profession, Manoj tirelessly pursued his childhood dream of making a mark in the entertainment industry. His journey from the laboratories to the limelight culminates in this remarkable cinematic endeavor.

In a statement expressing his excitement, Manoj Chaturvedi, Actor and Producer of Daket of Dholpur stated, “I am a devotee of Shivshakti, and the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri holds profound significance for me. With the release of ‘Daket of Dholpur’, I am humbled to dedicate my maiden film to the feet of Shivshakti. I earnestly hope for Shivshakti’s blessings to guide me towards realizing my aspirations.”

“Daket of Dholpur” promises to resonate with audiences through its portrayal of the struggles faced by the common people and farmers of Dholpur village. With its realistic depiction of societal issues and unwavering spirit, the film aims to captivate hearts and inspire change. Under the banner of Baba Cine Entertainment Film Production, “Daket of Dholpur” has received a UA certificate from the Censor Board, ensuring its accessibility to a wide audience.