If Sam Bahadur reignited your sense of patriotism, These Series Must Be on Your To-Explore List

Sam BahadhuVicky Kaushal is yet again regaling the audience with his spirit of patriotism in the much-talked-about drama ‘Sam Bahadur’. The film is directed by Meghna Gulzar and is a biopic made on the country’s first Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw. Sam Manekshaw was an Indian Army commander and a great military strategist whose extraordinary qualities and unwavering dedication left an enduring impression on leadership. He showed his patriotism in his duty and fought multiple wars for our country.

If you’re in the mood to indulge in some patriotic dramas and walk down memory lane by revisiting our nation’s history, here’s your binge guide. Take a retrospective dive by exploring some of the interesting and riveting series.

The Forgotten Army

A must-watch series, “The Forgotten Army” narrates the inspirational and genuine narrative of Indian soldiers battling for independence during World War II. Led by Subhash Chandra Bose, they allied with the Japanese army and marched towards Delhi with the war cry ‘Chalo Delhi’. The series highlights the courage and loyalty of both men and women in the Indian National Army, who fought against all odds for India’s freedom. This series is based on operations conducted by the Indian Army to stop terrorist attacks and the spread of fake notes, eventually leading to the implementation of demonetization. It’s a captivating series of action, patriotism, and the often-overlooked sacrifices made by these brave soldiers. Don’t miss this amazing journey available only on Prime Video.

Avrodh 2

“Avrodh 2”, an engaging military drama series, is a must-watch! In this movie, Waziri and Aziz plan to send counterfeit goods into India through various borders. At Kotla Camp, Zafar and Mujeed, disguised as shepherds with 12 other terrorists, embark on their mission. Pradeep, tipped off by Babrak about it, quickly alerts Imtiaz, setting the action-packed mission in motion. There are eighteen episodes of The series. The series is only on SonyLive, provides an original approach to learn about military operations, and has an interesting plot.

Bose Se Netaji Tak

Amidst World War II, Subhash Chandra Bose’s quest for India’s freedom led him to unlikely alliances, earning him the title “Netaji.” From Nazi Germany, he formed the Indian National Army, uniting compatriots to fight for independence in Southeast Asia. This portrayal honors Bose’s legacy, blending history with creativity. For a trip down memory lane, tune in to the historic saga, Bose Se Netaji Tak only on Pocket FM.

Bose Dead or Alive

“Bose: Dead or Alive” is a gripping web series with nine episodes that unfolds the inspiring tale of Subhas Chandra Bose, a heroic freedom fighter. Rajkummar Rao brilliantly portrays Bose’s journey as a revolutionary leader, showcasing his courage and deep love for the nation. The series vividly depicts the real-life story of Bose, who mysteriously disappeared in 1945 while fighting for India’s independence from British rule. It’s a must-watch patriotic series available exclusively on Jio Cinema, offering viewers a compelling glimpse into the remarkable life of this great leader.

State of Siege: 26/11

“Watch ‘State of Siege: 26/11,’ an emotionally charged and must-watch series loaded with patriotism. It’s based on a true story where 10 young Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists attacked Mumbai for ‘Jihad.’ The 60-hour operation, led by Mumbai Police, Marine Commandos, and NSG, resulted in the capture of one terrorist, Mohammad Ajmal Kasab. ZEE5 is the location of this thrilling and powerful series that follows brave attempts to defend the city.