Versatile Indie Artist Jayant Sankla Amps Up the Protium Amp’d Stage with a Soul-stirring Performance

Versatile Indie Artist Jayant Sankla Amps Up the Protium Amp'd Stage with a Soul-stirring Performance

14 February 2023:  Jayant Sankla, a multitalented Indie singer and songwriter, music composer, producer, and film scorer, took centre stage at the Protium Amp’d musical event at the Protium office in New Delhi. Jayant Sankla, a versatile artist trained in Hindustani classical music from the esteemed Rampur Sahaswaan Gharana, is equally at home in the Western musical canon. With almost a decade and a half of experience in the industry, Jayant has served as a music producer and music director for a variety of films and web series, including “The Wallet,” “Campus Diaries,” “Crimes and Confessions,” “Taxi No. 24,” “Narayan,” and various government projects.

Piyush Sachdeva, a seasoned guitarist, and graduate of the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music added to the rich tapestry of Jayant’s performance. With a wealth of experience playing live with various bands, including Mame Khan, Sonu Kakkar, Suryaveer, Sagar Bhatia, and Desi Roots, Piyush is not only an accomplished guitarist but also a sought-after music producer.

Jayant Sankla and Piyush Sachdeva made the most of their appearance on the Protium Amp’d stage, delivering a mesmerizing performance of 12 songs in Hindi and Punjabi. These included seven of Jayant’s original compositions and the covers of five popular songs. The musical duo engaged with their audience, with Jayant sharing the stories behind his compositions, bringing to life the heart-warming melodies that had the employees grooving to the rhythm. The performance was a delightful interplay of music and storytelling that left a lasting impression.

Protium, the leading Engineering-driven pan-India lending company in India, is dedicated to elevating the financial prospects of millions of credit-seekers through innovative technology and astute risk assessments. Beyond this, the company is steadfast in its commitment to creating a positive impact. The Protium Amp’d live events bring Protium’s brand philosophy of ‘fueling ambition’ to life, offering emerging Indie artists across India an opportunity to exhibit their musical talents and promote their songs. This highly-anticipated event is held bi-weekly at one of Protium’s office locations in the country.

“With every new Protium Amp’d live event, we are raising our bar to showcase the hidden gems in the Indian Indie music scene to our employees and the world at large. Through the Protium Amp’d platform, we want these immensely talented Indie artists to shine through, interact with their fans, and forge meaningful connections through the universal language of music,” said Jiby Mathew Antony, MD, Marketing and Growth.

Since its debut in October 2022, the Protium Amp’d has established itself as a premier platform for India’s thriving indie music scene. The inaugural performance featured the renowned Raghu Dixit of The Raghu Dixit Project, setting the tone for a series of unforgettable performances by a diverse array of popular singers and songwriters, including Bawari Basanti, Vasuda Sharma, Vibha Saraf, Mary Ann Alexander, and Frizzell D’Souza. The event has become a must-visit destination for India’s rising musical talent.

Protium Amp’d musical events are streamed live on Protium’s social media channels, reaching an audience of hundreds of thousands and providing emerging artists with valuable exposure and an exceptional opportunity to broaden their fan base.

Protium Amp’d performances are available on YouTube and Instagram.