Ignoring The Symptoms Of A Brain Tumor Might Have Serious Consequences

Ignoring The Symptoms Of A Brain Tumor Might Have Serious Consequences

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Many times, before a sickness develops, a person ignores little warnings in the body, and these indicators subsequently manifest as a devastating condition. Brain tumor is another of these disorders whose term is familiar to virtually everyone, yet only a small percentage of the population is aware of it. The term “brain tumor” refers to the development of any form of mass in the brain. In addition to being normal, It might also be linked to cancer. When a tumor in the brain begins to grow, there are unmistakable indications throughout the body. The possible hazards can be avoided if we notice these indications, take them seriously, and seek competent medical advice from the right doctor at the right time. Dr. Rajneesh Kachhara, Director of the Institute of Neurosciences at Medanta Super specialty Hospital, one of Indore’s most prestigious institutions, says.

Brain tumor can also be deadly if not treated on time. Because the brain is responsible for the overall functioning of the body and every portion of it is necessary and helpful, any region of the brain, regardless of where the tumor is placed, would undoubtedly do significant injury to the patient.

Not all tumors are cancerous.

Tumors are frequently linked to cancer, yet not all tumors are malignant. The cells that make up our brain are called neurons. When the regulation of brain cells begins to deteriorate for whatever cause, the cells begin to die. Following it, the brain’s work becomes clogged. Simultaneously, when unregulated cells in the brain begin to spread fast, they become cancerous. If cancer is present in any organ, such as the breast or the lungs, the particles that reach the brain might cause cancer in the tumor.

According to a research from the Department of Neuro Surgery, nearly half of all brain tumor patients have a malignant tumor known as Malignant Brain Tumor. The rest of the tumor is a benign brain tumor (a common tumor or aggregation of nerves). The patient can be readily removed by surgery if the tumor is benign. A malignant brain tumor, on the other hand, might spread again after it has been removed.

According to a study published in the Asia Pacific Journal, more than 2,500 Indian children are diagnosed with medulloblastoma (brain cancer in youngsters) per year, with 40,000-50,000 individuals in India diagnosed each year. Tumors have been discovered, with 20% of them being youngsters.

The most frequent symptom is a headache.

One of the most common symptoms of a brain tumor is headache or, in some cases, vomiting. Epilepsy is one of the most common symptoms. If a young individual suffers their first epileptic seizure, they are more likely to have a brain issue or tumor. Sleeplessness, mood fluctuations, hearing issues, speech problems, cognitive decline, and a diminished capacity to learn are some of the other symptoms.

A tumor’s negative consequence is that the area of the brain where it develops ceases communicating with the rest of the brain. For example, if the tumor is located in the controlling section of the body, the patient will have paralysis; if the tumor is located near the nerve of the eye, the patient may experience visual issues, such as double vision or less visible things.

Examination of a tumor

If the signs of the tumor are visible after a closer examination of the disease symptoms, the patient’s CT scan test is performed. Following this form of enquiry, the tumor’s state is disclosed, followed by an MRI contrast study, which reveals the tumor’s exact location, as well as which section of the brain it is developing in. After that, the therapy can begin.

Surgical navigation of the nervous system

Because the tumor may not be apparent on the surface due to its deep placement, specific equipment is necessary to reach its depth. This is known as picture guided surgery or neuro navigation, which is well established at Medanta Super specialty Hospital, Indore.

The use of neuro navigation technology considerably aids in the excision of tumors in a safe manner.