NGOs bring access to primary health services between 0-3kms for residents of Slums under Jalpally Municipality

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NGOs bring access to primary health services between 0-3kms for residents of Slums under Jalpally Municipality in line with the UN SDP and Universal Health Coverage model


NGOs Hyderabad, September 2023: Unmotorable & rickety roads, hilly & rocky terrains, lack of civic infrastructure & clean drinking water, make 28 Wards /40 slums under Jalpally Municipality, that falls under Maheshwaram, with a population, mainly minority-dominated about 40k, in which 90% are BPL families, a hotbed for frequent floodings, chronic, seasonal, vector & infectious diseases.

With RMPs & other Quacks dotting the landscape in most locations & access to free public health facilities inadequate, many residents were struggling to get quality primary care treatment near their homes. Helping Hand Foundation, in collaboration with SEED-USA, has opened its 8th Primary Health Care centre in Al Madina Hills Colony, there is a primary health care link to every resident 0-3kms from his or her home under Jalpally, a key parameter under Universal health care model recommended by WHO globally.

HHF-SEED, clinics bring to the table, free, hygienic environments with high-quality clinical care & integration of additional services like prevention for NCD, Mini OT, Dental and ophthalmology, making these centres, an epitome of quality last mile health care services spanning areas like Saif Colony, Aleen Colony, Shaheenagar, Wadi e Saleheen, Wadi e Mustafa, Tur Colony, Pahadi Sherif, Madina Hills, Al-Jaberi Colony, New Babanagar etc.

In the first 8 months of this year, a total of 1.2 lacs people from this cluster availed free comprehensive primary health care services, which translated into a saving of Rs 12.22 Crores of Out-of-pocket expenses. 4500 patients were provided free spectacles after screening for eye and over 100 Free Cataract surgeries were performed by the Opthal team at HHF, and 157 patients’ elective surgeries and medical treatment was facilitated in government hospitals like OGH, Gandhi, ENT, MNJ at zero cost. 2300 patients received dental services free of charge. Nearly 10500 NCD patients in this cluster, suffering from Diabetes, Hypertension & other chronic diseases were provided medicines, labs and continuous monitoring and tracking by counsellors & dieticians for weight loss, diet, and lifestyle changes.

85% of patients who visited the HHF Clinics said that the travel cost, time and effort have been saved by bringing health care nearer to their doorstep. Earlier minimum travel was more than 3km & a minimum of Rs 100 was required for transportation. Similarly, 80% of women, who availed services in the centres said they saved Rs 2-3k per month, which has helped them provide better nutrition and tuition fees to their children.

Several areas under Jalpally Municipality, lacked easy accessibility and free health care, with 8 PHCs now, we have saturated the entire length & breadth of this municipality, by bringing health care closest possible to vulnerable areas, said Mr Mujtaba Hasan Askari, of Helping Hand Foundation.