Patanjali University hosts a special talk, meditation session in the special honour for Rev. Daaji of Heartfulness

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Patanjali University hosts a special talk, meditation session in the special honour for Rev. Daaji of Heartfulness

Haridwar, 4 April 2023: The University of Patanjali on Sunday had the rare opportunity of hosting a talk and meditation session in honour of Rev. Daaji – Spiritual Guide, Heartfulness Meditation worldwide and Founder, Heartfulness Education Trust and Padma Bhushan Awardee in the auspicious presence of Yog Guru Baba Ravdev ji of Patanjali. The event was also graced by Acharya Balkrishna ji – MD and CEO of Patanjali Ayurved and Shri Dhan Singh Rao ji – Minister and of Education, Uttarakhand. The event was held at the university auditorium and was attended by students and Faculty Researchers of the Patanjali Foundation. The talks by Rev. Daaji were followed by a guided Heartfulness meditation session by Daaji.

The event was held to enable the participants gain an exposure to Heartfulness’s Yoga and Meditation and acquire guidance of Rev. Daaji on spirituality and evolution of consciousness. Rev. Daaji said, “Ayurveda works, but to show to the western world that it works with proofs, we need scientific data which you are doing.” He added, “What do we do about nourishing the soul? Pranasya Pranhah. The nourishment of the soul comes from God. Bringing completeness and fulfillment in everything we do from the smallest things in life and thinking about God in everything we do helps us stay connected with Him. Yoga turns everything right and positive in life. Without experience, our beliefs become shallow. The purpose of the human life is to progress (to evolve consciousness). The consciousness progresses well by removing the conditionings of the soul. The human body does not evolve. It only ages. We therefore need Yoga to advance our consciousness, mind and soul towards divinity. Make meditation an easy and happy one, else it will be a burden. Practice sadhana in such a way that others envy you. From thinking to feeling – take your intellect from Intuition to wisdom. I wish that all of you achieve the highest state and God manifests himself to you.”

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev ji said, “Today Pujya Daaji has given us his blessings and guidance. Our business, works and mundane lives have their own place. But meditation and Atma are the reality. Daaji has inspired us towards attaining this balance.”

Acharya Balkrishna ji added, “When a santati becomes a sanyasi, he helps the salvation of 21 generations. But when a sanyasi becomes divine, he comes for the salvation of the entire world. We will continue to remember that we had the good fortune to listen to Pujya Daaji’s golden words. Today Daaji’s enormously reverential and divine presence is with us. When we think about pursuing the path of Daaji, but not before overcoming the challenges he too must have faced, then the path begins to unfold for us. Those with strong resolve become polished like gold by stumbling blocks in the way.”

“We have the greats of Pujya Daaji and Baba Ramdev ji at the same time here today. What better could we have wished for on this occasion. Ayurveda is an ancient science handed down to us by our sages. We should be proud that entities like Heartfulness Institute and Patanjali Yogpeeth have taken our traditional knowledge to rest of the world with scientific backing,” said Shri Dhan Singh Rao ji – Minister and of Education, Uttarakhand.

Rev. Daaji was in Uttarakhand in tandem to his recently being conferred upon by the Padma Bhushan by Hon’ble President of India Smt. Draupadi Murmu followed by felicitation at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Ayush Ministry, Department of Education, New Delhi and many others. During his visit to Delhi he also visited the All India Institute of Medical Sciences where he not only met with the leaders and authorities from the scientific community but also his visit led to the signing of an MoU between Heartfulness and AIIMS.