Reach 3 Roads is helping people to Learn And Embrace Yoga

Reach 3 Roads is helping people to Learn And Embrace Yoga

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Reach 3 Roads, one of the prominent shopping centers located in Sector 70, Gurugram, designed by Reach Pro Group, is all set to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 18th, 2022, between 7 AM to 8 AM. Under the guidance of instructor Mrs. Kanti Bhatt, a yoga expert with 4 years of experience. The participants will learn and embrace yoga during the session.

It is rightly said that yoga is a wonderful gift passed on as a legacy from thousands of years of civilization in order to improve the quality of life. The main aim of Reach Pro Group yoga sessions is to encourage people to practice yoga. Adding to it, the session is completely free with the only requirement that participants bring their own yoga mat. Furthermore, the goal of this initiative session is to raise awareness amongst the public and to create a happier as well as healthier India.

Reach 3 Roads is all set to make your weekend healthier than ever. This Saturday, wake up early and join the astounding yoga session which is going to be organized by Hype The Gym & Reach 3 Roads. Everyone is invited to take part in the celebration of International Yoga Day, be it youth, kids, or the elderly.

On this initiative, Ms. Nandini Taneja, Vice President, Reach Group said, “Yoga is one of the keys that beholds a myriad of benefits. We are striving to promote the practice of yoga and pranayama as one of the effective ways to achieve mindfulness and strike the right balance between the mind, body and soul. These are the practices for people of age groups, with this initiative we want to encourage the masses towards a healthier and happier life.”

People can make lifestyle changes through yoga in order to improve concentration, ease stress, and get physical and mental health advantages. Yog a practice and “Pranayama,” are considered as a channel for holistic well-being. Recent research reveals that a regular yoga practice can help the brain, improve thought processes, and even prevent cognitive decline. According to an expert study, yoga is just as beneficial for the mind as cardiovascular exercise. So begin your everyday yoga routine and lead towards a healthier way of living.