Rice Bran Oil: Your Healthier, Tastier Cooking Companion

Rice Bran OilThe present-day lifestyle and work pressures can significantly affect our health as we often fail to prioritize our well-being amidst our hectic schedules. This can lead to the onset of several lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Fortunately, many of these conditions can be avoided by making changes to our lifestyle and eating habits. One important change to consider is selecting the right quantity and type of cooking oil for food preparation.

Furthermore, certain foods rich in specific nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and antioxidants may contribute to improving insulin sensitivity. However, it’s crucial to recognize that individual responses to dietary changes can vary. Therefore, it’s essential to adopt an overall healthy lifestyle, including consuming a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, managing weight, reducing stress, and ensuring adequate sleep. Prioritizing holistic well-being over singular aspects is key to maintaining overall health and vitality.

In addition to dietary considerations, the choice of cooking oil can also impact health outcomes Rice bran oil possesses several components that may contribute to improved insulin sensitivity and overall health, which indirectly affects blood sugar management. With its unique composition, rice bran oil offers distinct advantages over other cooking oils. According to experts, Oryzanol and other ingredients in rice bran oil are important to ensure the better health of people.

Health Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that provide numerous health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of rice bran oil:

  •  Lowers Cholesterol Levels: Rice bran oil is rich in plant sterols, which have been shown to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in the blood. This helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  •  Improves Heart Health: The high levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in rice bran oil can help to reduce the risk of heart disease by improving blood lipid levels and reducing inflammation in the body.
  •  Helps with Weight Loss: Rice bran oil contains compounds that can help boost metabolism and increase fat burning. This makes it a useful addition to a weight-loss diet.
  •  Supports Brain Health: The vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol in rice bran oil have been shown to improve cognitive function and memory. This makes it a valuable addition to the diet, especially for older adults.
  •  Anti-inflammatory Properties: The high levels of antioxidants in rice bran oil can help to reduce inflammation in the body, which is a major cause of chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.

According to Ms. Nadhiya, a homemaker, for those who manage households and cater to family needs, the quest for cooking oil that seamlessly combines convenience with health benefits is of paramount importance. “Incorporating rice bran oil into our meals has transformed the way I cook. It imparts a delightful lightness to our dishes while ensuring I am contributing to my family’s overall well-being. The remarkable ability of rice bran oil to lend a crispy and light texture to fried foods enables me to provide my family with comfort foods without compromising their health.”

Esteemed nutrition expert, Dr. Matheen Asrar, (PhD Nutritionist) said “Edible oils provide essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, and other vital nutrients that our body requires. These nutrients play a crucial role in maintaining healthy cell function, supporting brain health, and aiding nutrient absorption. By excluding edible oils from our diet, we may miss out on these important health benefits, potentially compromising our overall well-being. The specific combination of fatty acids found in rice bran oil positions it as an excellent choice for those seeking to prioritize heart health. Keeping in mind the benefits, we strongly recommend the use of Rice Bran Oil for cooking food daily.”

According to Dr. Rohini Sharma, Ph. D. Food Science and Nutrition, Consultant Food Technologist, Consultant Nutritionist, and Life Coach speaking at the International Conference on Rice Bran Oil (ICRBO)-2023, “Rice Bran Oil is a very healthy oil and more people should know the benefits of using the Rice Bran Oil. Rice Bran Oil has a balanced fatty profile with PUFA and MUFA in the ratio of 1:1, and very low saturated fatty acids. It is rich in nutraceuticals – Oryzanol, tocopherol, and tocotrienols which are natural Antioxidants. Gamma-Oryzanol present in Rice Bran Oil reduces Bad Cholesterol (LDL) and maintains Good Cholesterol (HDL). Furthermore, rice bran oil has a high smoke point, which means that it can be used for high-temperature cooking, such as deep frying, as it remains stable and retains nutrients at high temperatures, ideal for cooking food in the Indian Kitchen. We suggest people shift to rice bran oil for daily cooking and make a healthier choice.”

According to Dr. Sheryl Salis, Registered Dietitian (RD), Certified Diabetes Educator, Insulin Pump Specialist, and Founder -of Nurture Health Solutions speaking at the International Conference on Rice Bran Oil (ICRBO)-2023, “We recommend people to use Rice Bran Oil, as it is made in India and ideally suited to our Indian palate. The National Institution of Nutrition (NIN), ICMR, WHO, and several heart organizations have regularly promoted the use of Rice Bran Oil. In clinical practice, we are witnessing a lot of young people suffering from diabetes and heart diseases. Rice bran oil offers immense health benefits and is ideal for Indian household daily usage. We recommend people to lead an active lifestyle and eat food cooked in rice bran oil to lead a healthy life.”

According to Mr. P. Chandra Shekhara Reddy, Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Freedom Rice Bran Oil, “More than just a cooking essential, Freedom Rice Bran Oil has become a trusted ally for health-conscious consumers. Going beyond product excellence, the brand meticulously sources and produces its oil to preserve its nutritional value and natural antioxidants. This dedicated approach ensures that consumers can fully embrace the potential health benefits of Rice Bran Oils with 10000+ ppm Oryzanol, tocopherol, and tocotrienols which are natural Antioxidants, help to reduce Bad Cholesterol (LDL), and maintain Good Cholesterol (HDL). By providing valuable knowledge and resources, Therefore, to lead a healthy life people should eat a balanced diet with portion control, use the right cooking oil like Freedom Rice Bran Oil, do regular exercise, relax and get adequate sleep, and more vibrant lifestyle.”