Round Table India – Health Screening Camp For BBMP Pournakarmikas

BBMP Pournakarmikas

Bangalore 19 November 2021:

As part of the Round Table India & Ladies Circle India (LCI) ongoing initiatives to support the communities, Bangalore North Round Table 25 & Bangalore North Ladies Circle 14 organised a Health screening camp for BBMP Pournakarmikas at Anand Nagar, Hebbal in association with Ball corp & Avant dental care. Total 450 Pournakarmikas were screened and specific cases will be taken up in the second phase. The Pournakarmikas have been the first line of workers through both the COVID phases and when one purnamika lost her life to a major heart attack on duty we decided to screen them all.

The Project was well appreciated by the resident welfare association. Area 6 Chairman of Round Table India Tr.Sandesh Kumar & Area 6 Chairperson of Ladies Circle India Cr.Nidhi Somani graced the occasion along with Mr.Ganeshan from Ball corporation.Total value of the project was 1,75,500.

Tr Sachin Talreja, chairman of Bangalore north round table 25, has expressed: “we are very proud to be conducting health camps for Pournakarmikas. We will be treating any health concerns that crop up, including bp issues, heart health, cataract surgeries, among many other issues “

Cr Shilpa Mithun, chairperson of Bangalore North Ladies Circle 14, adds that: “The Pournakarmikas have been the ones so visible from our windows during the pandemic. Come sunshine or disaster, they are there doing their work. ”