Antica Ceramica Unveils Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles Collection

Antica Ceramica, a pioneer in tile design, proudly unveils its latest Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles Collection, marking a significant evolution in bathroom design. With a keen understanding of consumer preferences, this collection caters to the diverse tastes and functional needs of modern homeowners.

Antica Bathroom Tiles Collection6

Featuring an array of styles ranging from classic to avant-garde, the collection encompasses subway patterns, tropical themes, intricate designs, and designer tiles. Each tile in the collection is meticulously crafted to marry artistry with functionality. From the timeless elegance of subway patterns to the exotic allure of tropical themes, every design reflects a commitment to both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

The wall tiles in this collection are sized at 600 x 1200 mm with a thickness of 10 mm, ensuring easy installation and compatibility with a variety of spaces. Moreover, special attention has been given to safety, with non-slip textures incorporated into the tiles, particularly vital for areas prone to moisture. Despite this emphasis on safety, the collection maintains its overall elegance and design integrity.

Mr. Rahul Bhugra, Director of Antica Ceramica, expressed his enthusiasm for the new collection, emphasizing the departure from traditional, monotonous bathroom tiles. He highlighted the emerging trends in bathroom design, noting a shift towards bold patterns, vibrant colors, and rich hues. Subway patterns, Geometric shapes, intricate mosaics, and floral motifs are increasingly favored by homeowners seeking to make a statement with their tile choices.

Another noteworthy trend embraced by this collection is the use of large format tiles. These oversized tiles not only minimize grout lines, creating a sleek and seamless aesthetic, but also visually enlarge the space, imbuing it with a sense of luxury and sophistication. Furthermore, the collection introduces texture-rich tiles, offering an opportunity to add depth and visual interest to bathroom surfaces. These tiles enhance both the aesthetic appeal and tactile experience of the bathroom, elevating everyday routines into indulgent rituals.

Antica Ceramica’s Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles Collection represents a fusion of innovative design, functionality, and contemporary trends, providing homeowners with a comprehensive solution to elevate their bathroom spaces into exquisite retreats.