Bangalore Teen Wins 3rd Prize for Cybersecurity Innovation at Scaler School Challenge

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Bangalore, 30, April 2024: Kavin Muthuselvan, a 12th-grade student from Head Start Educational Academy, Bangalore, aims to make waves in the world of cybersecurity with his groundbreaking authentication system, Syncseed. Driven by his passion for technology and a desire to create secure solutions, Kavin won third prize at the Indian Silicon Valley Challenge contest hosted by Scaler School of Technology.

Syncseed is an authentication system that utilises special number generators (PRNGs) to verify users. Unlike traditional methods, Syncseed does not rely on precise timing, making it more resistant to cyber-attacks. Kavin’s inspiration for creating this robust alternative stemmed from his research into developing a secure system for online users, unlike existing single sign-on methods, which lacked both security and storage efficiency.

Kavin’s journey into cybersecurity began with his fascination for computer science and technology, nurtured by his upbringing and support from his parents, who have been instrumental in encouraging his passion. Kavin’s dad works as a General Manager in IT for Ultratech Limited, and his mother is a homemaker.

“My inspiration to create this project was drawn from sci-fi movies and was driven by a desire to contribute to online security. Before joining the Indian Silicon Valley Challenge, I worked on my technical skills through various projects, including creating a python based chat client. However, it was my passion for cybersecurity that made me create Syncseed. Participating in the challenge not only allowed me to push my boundaries but also provided invaluable opportunities to engage with industry experts. I am eager to gain further insights on refining Syncseed and advancing its development for the greater cause of cybersecurity.” Said Kavin Muthuselvan

“Cybersecurity is a critical concern in today’s digital age, and innovative solutions like Kavin’s Syncseed have the potential to make a profound impact on safeguarding online systems and data. With the right resources and support, projects like Syncseed can evolve into powerful tools for enhancing cybersecurity measures. Kavin’s ingenuity and dedication are commendable, and we at Scaler School of Technology will remain committed to nurturing such talent and empowering them to drive meaningful changes in society.” Said Bhavik Rathod, SVP & Head of Scaler School of Technology.

Subhash Chaudhary, Co-Founder & CTO of Dukaan and one of the judges at the Scaler School of Technlogy’s Indian Silicon Valley Challenge, remarked, “It was truly inspiring to witness such creative talent coming up with innovative approaches to address pressing issues in the tech industry. His concept not only demonstrates technical proficiency but also reflects a deep understanding of market dynamics and user needs. Platforms like the Indian Silicon Valley Challenge play a crucial role in fostering innovation and providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to showcase their ideas on a national stage.”

In the latter half of 2023, Scaler School of Technology launched The Indian Silicon Valley Challenge, a nationwide competition designed to identify and nurture India’s brightest young minds. Open solely to Grade XI and XII students, the contest aimed to provide a platform for young tech innovators like Kavin to showcase their innovation to the masses. The challenge witnessed an extensive participation of 18,300 candidates from various backgrounds and schools across the nation, engaging in rigorous competition. The success of the challenge is attributed to the expertise and commitment of distinguished jury members, including individuals such as Love Babbar, Subhash Choudhary, Anshuman Singh, Mohak Mangal, and Iqlipse Nova (Deepanshu Raj). Their collective insights and support have enriched the experience for all participants and contributed significantly to the advancement of innovative ideas with the potential to shape the technological landscape.