Cloudflare Developer Week 2024 concludes with significant announcements for developers

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New tools for production safety — Gradual Deployments, Stack Traces, Rate Limiting, and API SDKs

Cloudflare emphasized that production readiness extends beyond the mere scale and reliability of the services built. Cloudflare unveiled five updates designed to empower users: Gradual Deployments, Source mapped stack traces in Tail Workers, a new Rate Limiting API, brand-new API SDKs, and updates to Durable Objects. Each of these enhancements has been meticulously crafted with a focus on supporting mission-critical production services.

R2 adds event notifications, support for migrations from Google Cloud Storage, and an infrequent access storage tier

Cloudflare announced three new features for Cloudflare R2: event notifications, support for migrations from Google Cloud Storage, and an infrequent access storage tier.

Matthew Prince, Co-founder & CEO, Cloudflare (1)

Cloudflare acquires Baselime to expand serverless application observability capabilities

Cloudflare announced that it has acquired Baselime, a serverless observability company.

Making state easy with D1 GA, Hyperdrive, Queues and Workers Analytics Engine updates

Cloudflare announced the general availability of D1, its global, serverless SQL database. D1 is poised to provide unparalleled reliability and scalability, which are essential for businesses operating in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. With Cloudflare’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to innovation, D1 stands ready to revolutionize the way organizations manage their data.

Leveling up Workers AI: General Availability and more new capabilities

Cloudflare unveiled a series of AI-related announcements, encompassing significant updates such as the general availability of Workers AI, Cloudflare’s inference platform. Additionally, Cloudflare introduced support for fine-tuned models through LoRAs, streamlined one-click deploys from HuggingFace, and expanded Python support for Cloudflare Workers, among other enhancements.

Blazing fast development with full-stack frameworks and Cloudflare

In partnership with Cloudflare, full-stack web development has become faster and more streamlined. Developers can now seamlessly integrate their framework’s development server with Cloudflare’s suite of services, including D1 databases, R2 object stores, AI models, and more. This enhancement enables developers to iterate locally in milliseconds, empowering them to build sophisticated web applications that seamlessly operate on Cloudflare’s platform. Join us in revolutionizing development processes – let’s code together with Cloudflare!