CUT&STYLE Salon Celebrates 24 Years, Unveils Visionary Plans for 2024

As CUT&STYLE Salon celebrates its 24th anniversary, the brand unveils a vision for 2024 that includes strategic expansion, exciting partnerships, and a commitment to elevating the beauty and grooming experience!

CUT&STYLE Salon is set to expand its footprint strategically, with a specific focus on Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Punjab, and an overarching plan for a pan-India presence. This expansion aims to bring the salon’s signature services to new markets and cater to a broader clientele.

In response to evolving beauty trends, CUT&STYLE is introducing new service segments, starting with Nails & Lashes in Bangalore. This move aims to provide clients with a comprehensive and inclusive beauty experience under one roof.

CUT&STYLE Salon is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Redken, a cutting-edge color and care brand. Simultaneously, the salon is expanding its partnership with Kerastase, offering clients an extended range of premium hair care products and services. These collaborations & partnerships underscore CUT&STYLE’s commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic beauty industry.

To enhance the salon experience, CUT&STYLE is embarking on a design evolution, incorporating regional vibes into each city’s aesthetic. Simultaneously, the brand is making a significant foray into the luxury segment with a complete transformation of look, feel, design, and services at CUT&STYLE Eleve Salons.

Recognizing the importance of skilled professionals, CUT&STYLE Salon is emphasizing training academies in Gurgaon and Bangalore. The goal is to nurture talent and ensure that the salon’s team consistently delivers exceptional services to clients.

CUT&STYLE Salon, with its rich legacy, looks forward to the support of its patrons and partners as it enters a transformative year, shaping the future of the beauty and grooming industry in India.