DPS Indirapuram Organizes an Autism Workshop to Enlighten Children and Students

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5th April, 2024: DPS Indirapuram organised a workshop on World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2024, to spread knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorder and sensitise teachers and students. The workshop was attended by psychology students and teachers and aimed to dispel the misconceptions about ASD, foster empathy, and deal with Autistic children.


The workshop covered different topics, giving an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder, explaining the spectrum, and discussing its causes. Through various presentations, interactive discussions, and multimedia resources, the workshop highlighted the genetic factors and environmental influences that cause autism and how early intervention can bring optimal outcomes. The counsellors and psychology teachers facilitated the session, encouraging active participation and engagement from attendees.

Ms. Priya John, Principal of DPS Indirapuram, expressed how this workshop focused on sensitizing students and teachers regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder. “Our workshop aimed at promoting empathy towards autistic children and served as a valuable opportunity to spread awareness about the spectrum. With the help of real-life examples and case studies, we illustrated vital concepts. We facilitated understanding among our students and encouraged them to be sensitive towards children with different