EatSure Backs Team India with Dahi Cheeni in Exciting T20 World Cup Campaign

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National, 10th June 2024: In a show of support for Team India, EatSure, India’s first digital foodcourt on an app, celebrated the India vs Pakistan World Cup match fever with a unique and heartfelt campaign. As cricket fever gripped the nation, EatSure sent out a traditional good luck charm, “Dahi Cheeni (sweet yogurt),” with every order in 5000+ locations, 80+ cities across India, and serving thousands of customers. This gesture was not only about sharing food; it was about sharing hope, unity, and excitement as fans across the country prepared for one of the most anticipated T20 cricket matches between India & Pakistan. The gesture connected EatSure with the shared emotions and rituals across the nation, providing a taste of home and a token of good fortune to cheer on Team India.

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The campaign also included laptop stickers with quirky cricket slogans and newly rebranded packaging bags to show their support for Team India. This thoughtful gesture extended to the digital world with the creation of a special AR Instagram filter, allowing fans to cheer for Team India by posting stories on Instagram or WhatsApp. EatSure is India’s first-of-its kind experience with its “Foodcourt on an App” philosophy, allowing consumers to order from category-leading, trusted 15+ restaurants such as Faasos, Wendy’s, Behrouz Biryani, Wendy’s, Sweet Truth, and Lunchbox in one single order.

Sagar Kochhar, Co-founder and Chief EatSure Officer at Rebel Foods, shared his enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “The World Cup matches in India are celebrated as a festival, and the excitement and nervousness during the India vs. Pakistan clash are palpable. Cricket in India is more than just a sport; it’s a unifying force that brings the entire nation together. With our Dahi Cheeni initiative, we aimed to tap into this collective passion and cultural sentiment, offering our customers a taste of tradition and a gesture of good luck as they cheer for Team India. This initiative is more than just a promotional campaign; it’s a heartfelt gesture that resonates deeply with the nation’s passion for cricket and its cherished traditions. Additionally, our AR filter allows fans to engage digitally and show their support, creating a wave of excitement and team spirit among Indian cricket fans.”

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