Enhancing Smart Contract Security With SolidityScan and Blockscout Integration

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April 12, 2024
Blockchains empower transparency and innovation, but securing smart contracts within this ecosystem remains crucial. Verifying code for vulnerabilities is essential to ensure user trust, compliance, and the overall health of the blockchain ecosystem. Recognizing this critical need, Blockscout and SolidityScan by CredShield have announced a groundbreaking collaboration to elevate smart contract security.

Blockscout serves as a user-friendly platform for anyone to deploy, verify, and interact with smart contracts across various blockchains. This ease of use fosters the core principles of Web3 – transparency and inclusivity. However, unvetted code can introduce security risks, such as vulnerabilities, exploitable code, or even malicious attempts to steal funds.


Statistics reveal a significant number of deployed contracts remain unaudited, leaving them susceptible to potential exploits. SolidityScan, a tool developed by CredShields, tackles this challenge by providing a free, AI-powered tool scanner for smart contracts. This tool analyzes code and identifies common vulnerabilities, raising awareness of potential risks for users.

Smart Contract Security Score in real-time

SolidityScan is an automated security tool for your smart contracts. It scans the code for vulnerabilities and weaknesses, using over 160+ vulnerability patterns to identify potential risks. This translates to a security score, displayed as a shield icon within Blockscout for verified contracts, where a higher score indicates a lower risk profile.

Clicking the shield dives deeper, providing a comprehensive report with the vulnerability count & criticality levels. This report also analyzes individual functions, upgradeability features, and ownership structure, and even assigns an overall threat score.