Inbuilt Youth Organization, President helps the needy

Inbuilt Youth Organization,

To extend a helping hand, Mr. Priyaranjan Singh Rajput, President of the Inbuilt Youth Organization and a Social worker, visited the Lal Bahadur Shastri Sudarshan Baal Orphanage, with his teamNeelesh Mishra, Shubham Raturi, Damini Arora and Vartika Kushwaha and others in order to provide assistance to underprivileged children. Food items including fruits, vegetables, and packaged products were distributed among the kids. Along with some clothing and cheque donations, he also offered some gift hampers to the orphan children.

After engaging in some fruitful chats with the kids, they requested an association from the orphanage management team, under which Mr. Priyaranjan Singh or his group would come to the facility once a week to deliver food items and clothing.

Mr. Priyaranjan Singh Rajput is a live example of the spirit of social service. He is an emerging youth icon in today’s era. His spirit and passion for serving society were so dominant in him that he got the National Level Non-government organization registered with the Government of India in the year 2014. He has worked in Kashmir’s flood-stricken region. His services didn’t stop there; throughout the Covid era, he helped thousands of laborers by gathering supplies and helping them get back to their homes. Priyaranjan Singh made social and service work the goal of his life. During his college time, along with his studies, he took a step forward toward social work. From the time of college, he got so much support from the youth, that today he has been honored in many forums by the name of Youth Icon. He awakened a new consciousness and enthusiasm toward social service among the youth of his country. Equal opportunity in terms of education, health, and hunger is what he envisions.