Indian Dental Association, Deccan & Little Flower Old Students Association, organise National School Oral Health Program

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Hyderabad, July 11th, 2024: IDA (Indian Dental Association), Deccan and Little Flower Old Students Association (LIFLOS), organised a National School Oral Health Program, today at the Little Flower High School, Abids. The Camp was organised under the guidance of Rev. Bro. Shajan Antony, Principal, Little Flower High School; in association with Dr A Srikanth, Secretary IDA, Deccan Branch; Dr Anuraga, Dr Arjun Yadav, Dr Kranthi, Dr Shreya and their team of 15 dental specialists. Over 2650 students, staff and parents availed the screening. Students could witness their dental ailments through digital intra oral camera at the Camp, which sensitised them to focus more on their dental hygiene.

junk food

The dental screening of the students revealed some startling findings about their oral health. Several kids are suffering from dental ailments due to the consumption of fast foods, sugary drinks, and processed foods. These dietary habits are taking a serious toll on their teeth and gums, leading to issues such as tooth decay, plaque buildup, tartar deposits, stains, and bad breath.

Students received a hands-on demonstration of proper brushing techniques using teeth models, as well as guidance on cleaning the tongue to prevent bad breath. Additionally, each student had the opportunity to see their own oral health issues through the use of an intraoral camera. During the camp, the importance of dental hygiene and good dental habits was emphasized through informative Dental Health awareness talks. Key points included the benefits of consuming fresh foods, avoiding sweets, and steering clear of habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and tongue thrusting. Students were encouraged to brush twice daily, replace their toothbrush every three months, and get a dental checkup every six months.