KDM introduces revolutionary Skill Development Program ‘KDM MBA’

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Mumbai, April 05, 2024: To enhance the skills of its channel partners, leading lifestyle & mobile accessories brand KDM has launched the KDM MBA—Master of Business Attitude—a highly innovative skill development program that transcends traditional educational models. The primary objective of the KDM MBA is to enrich and update the interpersonal and communication skills of individuals, thereby augmenting their life skills and nurturing a leadership mentality.


Six successful batches of KDM MBA have been completed in the Gujarat region, establishing a significant benchmark and inspiring participants to not only transform their professional careers but also their personal lives. The recent workshops have generated an exceptional and enthusiastic reception, underscoring the game-changing impact of this initiative.

With the theme educate, empower and elevate, KDM MBA embodies continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest trends, technology, and business strategies. Equips participants and their teams with the necessary tools, knowledge, and autonomy, encouraging a proactive approach to challenges and opportunities. Aims for growth that isn’t just about profit but also uplifting the community and maintaining a standard of excellence that sets them apart.

Looking to the future, KDM is determined to expand the reach of the MBA program to every region, refining the skill set of its channel partners while also synergistically contributing to India’s National Agenda of creating a ‘Skilled Bharat’ at the grassroots level. The KDM MBA stands as a testament to the power of empowerment through education, promising a brighter future for its participants and the communities they serve.

Indeed, the KDM MBA program serves as a beacon of transformative change, especially for those who have been marginalized in terms of formal educational opportunities. It signifies a crucial shift in the approach to professional development, highlighting that education and growth aren’t confined to conventional academic arenas.

N D Mali, Founder, KDM and curator of KDM Training & Skill Development Centre said, “The success of the KDM MBA reflects a broader potential where tailored education programs, focused on skills beyond conventional academics, can lead to substantial individual and societal benefits. This resonates with the idea that education should be inclusive, lifelong, and adaptable to the needs of diverse learners for maximum impact.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the KDM MBA is its ability to empower participants, many of whom had limited exposure to formal education due to societal constraints. Despite this, every participant not only actively engaged and participated but also experienced a complete transformation, igniting new hope and inspiration to lead their lives.”

B H Suthar, Co-Founder, KDM said, “Looking ahead, KDM is determined to expand the KDM MBA programme to all regions, further refining the skills of its channel partners and contributing to the National Agenda on Skilled Bharat at a micro level.

The KDM MBA has proven to be a revolutionary and innovative skill development programme that is reshaping the mindset and capabilities of participants, ultimately leading to personal, professional, and community upliftment.”