New Delhi, 8th July, 2024: Kraftshala, India’s largest marketing-jobs providing edtech platform, recently hosted an insightful live session featuring Adarsh Menon, Global President of Zoomcar, aimed at showcasing the building blocks of a successful sales and business career. With his extensive experience leading significant businesses for top companies like Flipkart and Unilever, Adarsh shared invaluable insights on navigating and excelling in two of the highest potential roles in sales and business today.

varun saita

The session, hosted by Varun Satia, Founder & CEO, Kraftshala, offered a comprehensive overview of the roles of Area Sales Manager/Executive in FMCG and Category Manager in Ecommerce. During the 60-minute Q&A format session, Adarsh delved into what these roles entail, strategies for securing them with little to no prior experience, and the keys to thriving once in these positions.

Adarsh addressed the common misconception that sales is not a prestigious career path. He highlighted how top MBA graduates from premier institutions, including the IIMs, often commence their careers in sales to gain a thorough understanding of business operations and develop crucial leadership skills right at the start of their career. “Sales roles offer unparalleled exposure to the market and customer psyche, which is crucial for any business leader,” Adarsh remarked.

Emphasizing on the career trajectories of successful CEOs who began in sales roles, Adarsh illustrated the importance of having sales experience for those aspiring to reach executive positions. “Many of the top leaders have a sales background because it provides a critical understanding of the business from the ground up,” he said. He explained that individuals with sales experience have a significant advantage in ascending to top leadership positions and overseeing business operations.

Adarsh focused on the roles of Area Sales Manager in FMCG and Category Manager in E-commerce, discussing their importance and the qualities required to succeed in them. He also touched upon emerging fields like SaaS sales, highlighting the growing opportunities and the relatively lesser-known aspects of these roles. “The role of a Category Manager in e-commerce, for instance, offers the unique advantage of real-time customer interaction and insights, allowing managers to effectively balance supply and demand,” Adarsh noted.

Varun Satia stated, “Adarsh’s insights were incredibly valuable for anyone looking to build a formidable career in sales and business. His practical advice and real-world examples provided a clear roadmap for success.”

Adarsh added, “Sales roles are not just entry-level jobs; they are foundational experiences that shape future leaders. Understanding the intricacies of sales can give you a head start in achieving top leadership positions.”

The session was free and open to all, providing a unique opportunity for participants to gain firsthand knowledge from one of the industry’s leading figures. This was part of Kraftshala’s ongoing initiative to organize free sessions on the careers of tomorrow, cultivating a symbiotic relationship between academia and industry. Through such endeavours, the aim is to equip aspiring professionals with the requisite knowledge and skills to excel in the world of sales and beyond.

Kraftshala remains committed to bridging the gap between education and industry by providing valuable industry insights to aspiring professionals across India. This session is a testament to the company’s efforts around equipping students with practical, job-ready skills in the dynamic field of sales and business.

By Mansi