LaunchPilot Launches India Operations with Pre-Seed Funding from Dubai-based Family Offices

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Delhi, India – May 31, 2024 – With the goal of promoting the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem by empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to build ideas, LaunchPilot – an expert-led startup school for first-time entrepreneurs and working professionals, has announced its entry into India.

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LaunchPilot works under three core principles of “Learn, Build, and Scale” to assist aspiring entrepreneurs, working professionals, and first-time founders on their “0-1” journey. With this innovative strategy, LaunchPilot supports entrepreneurs in developing and implementing their ideas, accelerating their growth by putting them in touch with seasoned mentors and investors for knowledge and insights into building ideas with the aim of helping them prepare for growth and investment by co-building ideas with them.

According to data from Startup India, India has one of the top 3 startup ecosystems in the world, with over 1,12,718 DPIIT-recognized startups spread across 763 districts. However, the majority of Indian startups fail very early on because of a lack of market knowledge, effective mentorship, networking access, founder burnout, team-building challenges, fundraising opportunities, essential business knowledge, and an unsuitable business model. By addressing these common challenges faced by startup founders, LaunchPilot aims to lessen the load on them with its distinct approach and contribute to the advancement of economic empowerment, innovation, and entrepreneurship in India.

Commenting on India Expansion, Sarvesh Tusnial, Co-Founder LaunchPilot commented,” Entrepreneurship has the potential to impact so many lives, and yet so many founders face difficulties in executing ideas because people can think of ideas but fail to execute them effectively. By launching our Startup School in India, we are driven by a singular mission: to empower aspiring entrepreneurs actively build ideas into businesses! ”

LaunchPilot started off with collaborations with several respected academic institutions and communities, including NUS Singapore, NTU Singapore, IIM Bodhgaya, Eden Academy, RemoteYear among others, to support gig economy training and assist student entrepreneurs. Realising the problems faced by founders in their 0-1 journey, through these collaborations, Launchpilot expanded its offerings with it’s Startup School initiative to help folks learn-build-scale ideas.