Melodious Evening “Sufi and Ghazal” Leaves Audiences Enthralled at India Habitat Centre

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Delhi 30th April: Runki Goswami, a legendary name in Indian classical music, took the stage at the Theatre, India Habitat Centre, and captivating audiance on a mesmerising musical adventure. The event titled “Melodious Evening: Sufi and Ghazal,” recently held, was an extraordinary excursion into the profound realms of spiritual enlightenment and musical expression.

From soulful renditions of Sufi ghazals and thumris to skillful instrumental accompaniment on tabla, dholak, and keyboard, Runki Goswami seamlessly blended melodies with rhythm on instruments and created a mesmerizing atmosphere on stage.

Mrs. Runki Goswami

Sitting in the auditorium, the crowd enthusiastically expressed their reactions through constant applause. When she started singing “Sanu Ek Pal Chain Na Aave,” the ambiance got even more mesmerising. People in the crowd started singing along with her. She received a standing ovation as the programme came to a close.

With great eloquence, Ms. Goswami stated, “that she is not only engaged in her work but also enjoys singing,” expressing her deep devotion for the spiritual significance of music. “Hindustani classical music has been an integral part of my life,” she said.

Accompanying her was a team of artists including Yogesh Solanki, Saif Ali Khan, Hemant Juyal, Ustad Rafi Khan on harmonium, and Veerendra Singh on tabla.

With over a hundred people in attendance, hailing from all walks of life, the event was a shining example of how music can bring people together. Guests left the event buoyant and grateful, remembering the beautiful evening long after it had ended.