OSPREE, Your New Duty-Free Shopping Destination, will take over MTRPLs Duty-Free

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Mumbai, Maharashtra – April 10th, 2024 – OSPREE, a revolutionary change in duty-free shopping at Mumbai, Jaipur, and five additional Adani airports, is coming. Get ready! Your airport shopping experience will be upgraded to new heights with MTRPL’s innovative rebranding initiative. In an unprecedented effort to unify MTRPL’s presence throughout seven international airports in India, OSPREE symbolizes our dedication to worldwide growth.


OSPREE is inspired by the majestic Osprey and its enormous migratory patterns, and it represents our desire for broad reach and smooth purchasing experiences. According to MTRPL CEO Mr. Avishek Bambi Das, much like the Osprey’s journey spanning thousands of miles, our aspirations drive us to expand globally. Integrating our duty-free companies under a single corporate identity indicates the dedication to the core principles and aspirations of modern travellers.

A strategic alliance with Scribbld Social, a digital marketing and branding firm, boosted OSPREE’s rise to prominence worldwide. Mrs. Kajol Bheda, Founder of Scribbld Social, Said, We have work with MTRPL on OSPREE has been a mix of tactical innovative thinking and creativity. We’ve developed a brand that stands out and communicates with worldwide passengers by combining our branding experience with MTRPL’s business understanding.

Ms. Zainab Karachiwala, the principal designer of Scribbld Social’s OSPREE logo, said, Working on OSPREE challenged us to think globally and act boldly, resulting in a brand that epitomizes aspirational luxury.

Mr. Amit Butani, MTRPL’s Vice President of Strategic Partnership and Alliance, highlighted the importance of Scribbld Social’s participation, stating, Partnering with Scribbld Social was pivotal for our rebranding journey. Their creative skills, jointly with their attention to detail, served to bring OSPREE to life and establish our future identity.

As OSPREE sets for its worldwide debut, it marks an important milestone in MTRPL’s history, setting a new industry standard. This indicates an exciting future for travelers across the world.

Experience OSPREE, where elegance meets convenience, and embark on an unforgettable shopping journey.