Paxful Launches Global Ethereum Support in over 150 Countries

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April 16th, 2024 – Paxful, the borderless payment marketplace helping millions of individuals and businesses participate in the global economy from anywhere, has just launched support for the world’s 2nd most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

To celebrate the launch of ETH trading – and with it all new ways to move, save and earn money on Paxful – the company announced major new and existing trader incentives that have already set new ETH trading records, approximately 5x the all-time marketplace ETH volume.

Roshan Dharia - CEO at Paxful

The promotion period continues until April 25th, 2024, offering no-fee trading on ETH for gift card traders, up to $100 of account credit for new traders, and a selection of VIP benefits to Paxful’s top ETH traders by volume.

Now available through 450 payment methods in 170 countries, ETH is a decentralized proof of stake network that acts as the “operating system” for decentralized finance and other popular assets like USDC or Web3 projects like MakerDAO. It enjoys broad and global consumer demand as both a technology and method of transaction, with growing institutional interest following the success of various Bitcoin public market offerings.

Paxful’s introduction of Ethereum (ETH) trading on its platform underscores its steadfast commitment to empowering its expansive user community with unparalleled access to a rich array of digital assets and boundless opportunities within the cryptocurrency landscape.

The addition provides Paxful’s global user community with a range of new opportunities to diversify their crypto holdings and take part in everything the dynamic and fast-growing Ethereum ecosystem has to offer.

“Paxful stands for providing financial accessibility and personal agency through the free movement of money, and we see Etherum and Bitcoin each playing an important role in this future,” said Roshan Dharia, Paxful CEO. “That’s why we’re proud to expand access to ETH as a peer-to-peer settlement layer to millions of traders in over 100 countries, with support for 450 distinct ways to trade – with or without a bank account.”