Queen’s University Belfast Expands Academic Opportunities for Indian Students with New Courses and Scholarships

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National, 24 April 2024: Queen’s University Belfast, one of the UK’s leading research-intensive universities and a member of the prestigious Russell Group, in collaboration with their South Asia team, concluded a Postgraduate Taught (PGT) recruitment trip to India along with faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. During the trip, Queen’s University unveiled scholarships for new courses and sustainability courses for a £5,000 scholarship and a standard scholarship fee for all other courses ranging from £3,000 – £4,000. The delegation engaged with counselors from 20 agent branches, participated in four education fairs, and held dedicated offer holder sessions. The team connected with potential students and discussed various opportunities within the Faculty of Engineering and Physics (EPS). The opportunities presented from Queen’s University included new courses, scholarships, employment prospects, and accommodation.

Among the new courses introduced were the MSc Net Zero Engineering, MSc Artificial Intelligence, MSc Biopharmaceutical Engineering, MSc Climate Change catering to diverse interests and industry demands. Emphasizing the popularity among Indian students, courses such as Mechanical Engineering with Management and the newly introduced BSc Data Science offer promising career pathways. Queen’s University has introduced BSc Data Science for undergraduates with the aim of the programme offering a deep and up-to-date education in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence that equips graduates with key knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for the future.

In line with Queen’s commitment to enhancing international students’ employability, the university offers comprehensive support through its Careers, Employability & Skills team. Students benefit from engagement with employers, access to international mobility programs, and a robust network of over 3000 employers globally.

Highlighting Queen’s exceptional international outlook, the university is ranked 4th globally by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024. This international standing is supported by Queen’s extensive network of over 250 universities and over 3000 employers across 90 countries. Furthermore, Queen’s annually awards £1.5 million worth of scholarships to international students and boasts a global alumni network spanning over 120 countries.

For international students, Queen’s provides a welcoming environment with comprehensive immigration support services and high-quality accommodation options. With over 3,500 rooms available on campus and 700 bedrooms in partnership with accommodation providers in Belfast City Centre, Queen’s ensures a safe and supportive living experience for all first-year undergraduate and postgraduate international students.