Sankalp provided 2000 blankets to homeless, street dwellers catalyzing warmth and good sleep

Sankalp provided 2000 blankets to homeless, street dwellers catalyzing warmth and good sleep.-pic 2

Sankalp, citizens lead humanitarian initiative of staff of Sathguru Management Consultants donated blankets to 2000(two thousand) beggars who spend their nights on roadsides, at bus stands, railway platforms, footpaths and other public places disclosed Ms. Hemalatha Vijayaraghavan, founder of Sankalp in a press note issued in the city today.

With temperatures falling at the fag end of the year, severe cold wave grips Hyderabad for the past couple of days. And it is likely to continue for some more time. With minimum temperatures settling in the single-digit for the last many days, the streetside dwellers have a tough time catching up on good sleep.

The Sankalp team has been distributing the blankets for the past three weeks or so.

The Sankalp Team expressed “We had an amazing experience and thoroughly enjoyed the Joy of Giving and the happiness on the receiver’s face. Our heartfelt appreciation to the donors in supporting this initiative”.

According to The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) city has more than 30000 beggars who spend their nights on roadsides. The only protective warm clothes they have to keep themselves warm during the winter night are old plastic or jute bags, plastic covers and flex banner sheets.

To ensure warm sleep to homeless and street dwellers, Sankalp, Hyderabad organized an annual blanket donation drive. They have been doing it every winter for years.

Again this year, Sankalp has mobilized contributions from several generous donors and have provided the needy with soft blankets and enabled them to protect themselves from cold during winter nights.

Sankalp team members have been going around the streets of Hyderabad at midnight and have identified the street dwellers sleeping without any protection and covered them with warm blankets. Sankalp has visited bus stands, railway stations, metro stations, footpaths, hospitals, temples and other public areas where beggars and homeless labourers normally spend their night on the streets and have covered the underprivileged with quality blankets.

Sankalp has reached out to more than 2000 street dwellers this year.

Sankalp provided 2000 blankets to homeless, street dwellers catalyzing warmth and good sleep.

The various locations covered are Bus Stands, Railway Stations& Traffic Signals – MGBS & city busstandAfzaljung, Kachiguda, Secunderabad, Begumpet, KPHB, Clocktower, Miyapur, Lingampally, Malakpet, Chotuppal, Trimulgherry, Bolarum, Hospitals – Osmania, Gandhi, Mahaveer, Nilofer, MNJ, LVPEI, Cancer, Sarojini Devi & below metro platforms, Temples & slums in the city where people had no proper houses to live in. This year we also reached out to the needy in Hanuman Junction & Vijayawada.

The Sankalp Team involved in this initiative are Hemalatha, Rajeswari, Murali Mohan, Srinivas Indrakanti, Ramakrishna, Priyanka Patkar, Srinivas P, Lakshman Rao, Zohaib, Prasad Babu& Ashwini. Volunteers include Vijayaraghavan – CEO, Veerababu, Rahul Y, Abhishek Sharma, Sadwika, Vishwas, Sai Sowrab, Aditya Manu, Tarini, Surya, Sunil & Prasanna

As Hyderabad is reeling under severe cold, more should help the needy beat the cold. Give them warm blankets to fight the bitter chill this winter.