Tata Neu’s RuknaKyun Campaign Empowers Limitless Celebrations This Tata IPL Season

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Mumbai, 21 May 2024: Tata Neu the ‘Associate Partner’ sponsor for this year’s Tata IPL tasted success with it’s #RuknaKyun campaign. Embracing the spirit of cricket, Tata Neu launches the vibrant #Rukna Kyun campaign, encouraging fans to celebrate the TATA IPL season without boundaries.

As a one-stop shop for everything an IPL fan desires, Tata Neu offers everything from big-screen TVs to stylish match outfits, travel bookings to see their favourite team, and 5% NeuCoins as rewards on every purchase. This allows you to shop and celebrate endlessly, perfectly aligning with the campaign’s message. #RuknaKyun asks fans a simple question “Why stop?” when they could continuously celebrate every moment this IPL season with Tata Neu.

To build pre-buzz, the brand launched a series of engaging videos starring popular creators like Aatman Desai, Unnati Malharkar, Rochelle Rao, Tejas Patil, and Vogue Vanity. In these humorous videos the influencers face comedic challenges as they try to produce their usual content during the TATA IPL excitement. The videos cleverly conclude with a “pause” in their typical routines, setting up the campaign’s core message. This pause serves a dual purpose: it signifies a shift away from their current categories, sparking intrigue and setting the stage for a broader exploration. Secondly, it helps build the narrative for the music video, emphasising the campaign’s proposition.

In addition to the pre-buzz videos, the brand collaborated with Schbang Motion Pictures to produce a captivating music video featuring the same creators. The brand brings together a dynamic group of influencers from diverse categories for an engaging category swap, embodying the spirit of endless celebration during this IPL season. This initiative is energized by a vibrant, high-energy soundtrack that perfectly captures the festive mood.

Sharing his thoughts on the campaign and music video, Sushant Vithaldas, Head Business Operations – Schbang Bangalore said, “As the Tata IPL season unfolds, Tata Neu’s #RuknaKyun campaign emerges as a beacon of boundless celebration nationwide. At Schbang, we’re happy to have played a pivotal role in crafting this electrifying campaign, pushing the boundaries of creativity and engagement. Through innovative storytelling and dynamic collaborations, we’ve woven a tapestry of excitement that resonates deeply with fans across the country. This campaign isn’t just about Tata Neu—it’s about igniting passion, sparking curiosity, and inviting everyone to embrace the spirit of limitless celebration.\.”

As the Tata IPL season swings into high gear, Tata Neu’s #RuknaKyun campaign brings an unprecedented wave of celebration across the nation. This initiative not only heightens the campaign’s visibility but also underscores Tata Neu’s commitment to delivering diverse, quality experiences that resonate with fans’ lifestyles and passions. Whether you’re watching from home or the stands, Tata Neu ensures that every moment of the IPL is filled with excitement and engagement.