The Forecast for 2022 is Bright Skies as AkzoNobel springs a colourful surprise for over 1300 school children in New Delhi

Akzo Nobel India brings smiles to 1300 students by adding colour to SDMC Pratibha school in Jonapur, New Delhi under its Let's Colour initiative

Akzo Nobel India, the leading global paints and coatings company and maker of Dulux, has brought new cheer and bright skies as a New year gift for the young students of government SDMC Pratibha School in Jonapur, New Delhi. With a passion to add colour to people’s lives under its ‘Let’s Colour’ program, Akzo Nobel India repainted the government school where more than 1300 young girls and boys are enrolled from the first to fifth standard.

Nearly 50 excited people including primary class children, teachers, AkzoNobel employee volunteers and women painters of AkzoNobel Paint Academy came together under the Let’s Colour program to brighten up the school which was last painted nearly six years ago. The transformation that took place over one month, involved over 500 litres of AkzoNobel’s Dulux range of decorative paints applied over 30,000 square feet school area.

Psychological studies show that colours can have a significant influence on our mood and behaviour. As for colour experts from over 200 years, AkzoNobel’s team went on an overdrive to bring a cheerful and stimulating learning environment to the school under its Let’s Colour program.

The transformative power of paint is now felt everywhere. The specially created art mural in the school façade inspires children to realize their dreams which are as limitless as the skies. The vibrant rainbow in the assembly area and the colourful pillars reflect happiness as children get ready to meet each other again. Bright Skies in the classrooms bring nature and openness to the learning environment. Making this initiative even more special was the launch of Bright SkiesTM – AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year 2022 in India.

For the children excited to return to school after 2 years, AkzoNobel rings in a forecast of Bright Skies, smiles and unlimited possibilities

Rajiv Rajgopal, Managing Director, Akzo Nobel India, stated: “In 2021, extensive global trend research conducted by AkzoNobel’s team of in-house colour experts and international design professionals revealed that after a spell of feeling shut-in, people want open-air and a breath of fresh air.

Using these insights, we have now introduced Bright Skies, our Color of the Year 2022 in India. The airy, light blue colour opens up and revitalizes spaces with its palette of soft neutrals and joyful hues. Energized with Bright Skies, the school now reflects the limitless skies and inspires children to achieve their colourful dreams with a fresh approach.”

The repainting of SDMC Pratibha school is a manifestation of our ‘Let’s Colour’ initiative, which is an integral part of our social outreach program ‘AkzoNobel Cares’ that focuses on uplifting and renovating communities, as well as educating future generations. It is a key component of the People pillar of our People. Planet. Paint. approach to sustainable business.

Let’s Colour uses the power of paint to transform lives by uplifting communities, changing behaviour and making living spaces more fun, livable and enjoyable. Till date, nearly 2405 Let’s Colour projects have been completed globally involving more than 13,000 volunteers and 1.6 million liters of paint, benefitting more than 82 million people in 46 countries.