Vyrl Haryanvi Releases Their First Song Of 2022, ‘Dil Lutda’ Presenting Sumit Goswami Starring Vaishnavi Rao

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27th January 2022: VYRL Haryanvi releases their first song of 2022 ‘Dil Lutda’ by the multitalented artist Sumit Goswami. The romantic song stars the singer himself with the beautiful actor and Influencer Vaishnavi Rao. The song has a lovely musical flow with an intense wave of affection. Dil Lutda is written, composed and sung by our young and talented Sumit himself.

Sumit Goswami has grown to be a major figure in the northern Indian music business with his back to back hits and is once again all set to win out hearts with this romantic yet groovy song. Alongside Sumit’s musical realm, Deepesh Goyal, a renowned music video director, set the scenes with his remarkable direction.

The song portrays a man who isn’t ready to commit to a relationship with someone and believes that fate will bring them together if they are meant to be. With catchy contemporary beats, Sumit’s inimitable flair, and Vaishnavi’s charm, this song will certainly become a fan favourite.

Overwhelmed for his second release with VYRL Haryanvi, Sumit Goswami said, “I am extremely overjoyed of being a part of VRYL Haryanvi. I had an amazing time not only during the creation of this song, but also while shooting it with Vaishnavi under the direction of ace director, Deepesh Goyal. In this not-so-perfect world, the song presents a wonderful romantic narrative between a flawless pair. With this single, I hope to contribute more value to the Haryanvi music industry.”