World Earth Day Attributed to Saarang Ganapathi, COO – Embassy Services Pvt. Ltd.

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It is incumbent upon us all to protect our shared home, not as a mere obligation, but as an inherent part of our behaviour. At Embassy Services Pvt. Ltd. (ESPL), we are steadfast in our belief in leveraging technology for environmental sustainability. Our dedication surpasses mere operational excellence; we are proponents of sustainable practices and leaders in renewable energy advisory.


Our approach at ESPL revolves around a comprehensive strategy: measure, benchmark, invest, and sustain. Utilizing technology and IoT, we meticulously assess both building and client requirements. Each property management service undergoes benchmarking against global standards such as LEED, WELL, and GRESB to determine appropriate offerings. We then analyse necessary investments, be it in sourcing renewable energy, implementing energy-efficient systems, or upgrading fixtures, to establish a sustainable property management approach. Through our renewable energy advisory services, we collaborate closely with clients to integrate green energy solutions tailored to their properties. This involves thorough assessment of energy needs and improvement opportunities, followed by the implementation of strategies like rooftop solar, EV infrastructure, and wheeling to harness renewable resources.

By deploying energy-efficient fixtures like LED lighting, smart HVAC systems, and effective insulation, we not only reduce carbon emissions but also enhance the resilience of our built environment. Additionally, our Facility Management (FM) services are pivotal in advancing clients’ sustainability objectives. This includes initiatives such as waste management, water conservation, and green procurement practices, leading to reduced resource consumption, lower operating costs, and successful attainment of net-zero targets.

As facility managers spanning various real estate verticals, we prioritize education, awareness, and strategic adoption of eco-friendly alternatives. By implementing energy-efficient fixtures and replacing single-use plastics with biodegradable alternatives like paper cups and wooden stirrers, we drive meaningful change within and beyond our facilities. By minimizing plastic waste, we not only protect our environment but also foster a culture of environmental consciousness among our employees and stakeholders.