Writer Relocations Confirms Warehouse Safety During Unprecedented Rainfall in Dubai

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Dubai, UAE – April 22, 2024 – Writer Relocations, a leading worldwide mobility solutions provider, reassures its customers and the public that its world-class warehouse in Dubai remains unaffected by the unprecedented two-day rainfall experienced in the UAE last week.

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 Despite severe weather, Writer Relocations’ climate-controlled warehouse remained secure and operational.

 Simon Mason, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Revenue Officer of Writer Relocations, stated, “We understand our customers’ concerns, especially during such weather events. We want to reassure them that their valuable items and furniture are completely safe in our world-class, future-proof warehouse. Our stringent safety measures ensure that we remain prepared for any circumstances.”

 “Writer Relocations is dedicated to earning and maintaining our customers’ trust through open communication. Our Dubai warehouse’s resilience and exceptional quality are crucial to ensuring the security and safety of our customers’ belongings,” Mason added.

  For over 75 years, Writer Relocations has been a key player in the global relocation industry, offering end-to-end services in the people and asset mobility space. Managing over 8,000 relocations annually, Writer Relocations is one of the preferred premium mobility providers. The company supports employees and executives from over 3,000 global companies across 8 countries, with a partner network in 190 countries.

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