Android Report 2024: Most Used Brands, Browsers and OS Versions

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Malaga, Spain, March 22, 2024 —  Google Chrome extends its dominance in the mobile browser arena with a market share of almost 90%.

– Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei remain the most widely used brands, but Chinese giant Transsion dominates emerging markets.

– The Android OS is becoming increasingly fragmented due to a slowdown in device sales. publishes its annual report on user habits of Android mobile devices based on the traffic statistics of its app store, thus offering one of the most reliable sources of information to understand the worldwide preferences of those utilizing this marketplace.

Brands and manufacturers

Once again this year, Samsung continues to dominate the market as the manufacturer with the largest number of devices worldwide (29.48%), though slightly reducing their share compared to last year. Huawei (15.31%) and Xiaomi (15.16%) also hold the lead, followed by Vivo (4.98%) and OPPO (4.92%), both solidifying their position in the market.

Besides the five most widespread brands in the West, the unstoppable rise of Transsion, the Chinese giant, with their brands Infinix (3.28%), Tecno (2.80%) and Itel (0.56%), has managed to surpass the aforementioned manufacturers in several emerging countries, becoming the best-selling brand in Africa and some areas of Latin America, Asia and Oceania. As for the most successful devices, Huawei P40 Lite and Huawei Y6p are by far the most used, followed by the now classic Samsung Galaxy S10 and Xiaomi’s Poco X3 Pro, although none of these exceed 0.70% share.

– Samsung 29.48%
– Huawei 15.311%
– Xiaomi 15.16%
– Vivo 4.98%
– OPPO 4.92%
– Realme 3.93%
– Infinix 3.28%
– Techno 2.80%
– Oneplus 1.23%
– Amazon 1.07%

Most used browsers

Google Chrome continues to distance itself from its competitors, growing by three points since last year (89.77%). Samsung’s official browser is the second most used (3.21%), followed by Opera (1.53%), UC Browser (0.49%) and Amazon Silk (0.35%). Actually, for the first time, Amazon’s browser for their Fire devices enters the ranking, pushing Firefox to a place that was never imagined (0.19%).

– Google Chrome 89.77%
– Samsung Internet Browser 3.21%
– Opera 1.53%
– UC Browser 0.49%
– Amazon Silk 0.35%

Android OS versions

Again, the results confirm the trend from 2018: a decline in the rate at which users renew devices. Android 13 (21.38%) is the most widespread current version, awaiting version 14 (4.54%) to start rolling out its stable release beyond Google Pixel handsets. It is followed by Android 11 (16.32%), Android 10 (14.72%), Android 12 (13.89%) and Android 9 (8.96%). Fragmentation is greater than ever.

– Android 13 21.38%
– Android 11 16.32%
– Android 10 14.72%
– Android 12 13.89%
– Android 9 8.96%

Other interesting facts

The screen resolution most used by users is 360×800 (15.55%), followed by 360×640 (10.56%). As for the type of Android device, 94.42% use smartphones, 4.67% tablets and 0.91% Android TV.

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About the report

Traffic data from users who visited Uptodown worldwide between February 1 and February 29, 2024 was used to compile this report.