Cloud-based Solutions Provider Eka Unveils Sustainability and ESG Reporting Solution

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India, October 28, 2021: Eka Software Solutions, a cloud-based enterprise solutions provider, announced today the launch of the Eka Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting solution driven by its Cloud Platform to help enterprises comply with operational and compliance best practices.

This solution was introduced as part of Eka’s long term vision to unify critical business processes from procurement to payments, to provide enterprises an in-depth view of their business for greater agility and faster decision making.

Enterprises are aware that their achievements are no longer measured solely by their profit and loss statements but also by their relationships with the environment, community, and economy. Chief sustainability officers are looking for ways to capture the essence of their sustainability initiatives by measuring their overall impact that includes profitability, shareholder values, social, human and environmental capital.

In recognizing the growing need to create a technology solution to help firms meet the ESG responsibilities and reporting unique to their businesses, Eka was able to tap into its own highly informed client base who sit at the leading edge of the global sustainability effort, as well as leading

requirements of various industries, frameworks, and reporting standards.

The announcement comes on the heels of significant customer adoption of Eka’s Sustainability and ESG reporting solution. Commenting on the launch, Gautam Khurana, Director Finance, Precious Shipping Public Company Limited said, “Integrity and sustainability are at the core of our company ethos. We are keen to make a difference with our sustainability practices and ensure that our stakeholders are empowered with the right information to make important decisions. Leveraging Eka’s cloud-driven Sustainability solution will help us automate key processes related to tracking, measuring, and reporting ESG data with a wide selection of reporting standards and frameworks to address the diverse interests of our many stakeholders.”

Shuchi Nijhawan, Eka’s ESG and Sustainability Head said, “ESG regulations, requirements and guidelines are helping guide companies on the path to becoming better corporates. The Eka Sustainability and ESG Reporting Solution will enable companies to more closely monitor and report on their performance relative to those metrics. We are proud to be on this journey with our clients and look forward to making further enhancements to our platform as the industry evolves.”

The Eka Sustainability and ESG reporting solution is highly configurable and enables companies across varied sectors to track, measure and report against relevant industry standards, regulations, and guidelines. The cloud-driven solution can be used as a stand-alone product or can be seamlessly integrated into the existing tech-infrastructure that powers other critical business functions.

The Eka Sustainability and ESG reporting solution monitors against key metrics including:

Environmental sustainability – ethical sourcing and carbon emissions can be visualized in prebuilt sustainability reports to monitor the strategic use of energy and resources.
Corporate and social responsibility – to ensure sustainable supplier relationships and regulatory compliance.
Workplace health and safety – to provide a clear understanding of each workforce, laying the foundations for ethical recruitment and worker engagement.

Applications include:

  • Tools to facilitate training programs, incident captures, legal proceedings and course correction measures.
    Compliance tools for accurate corporate reporting and measurement against requirements such as GRI, UN SDG, CGP and other commonly used standards.
  • Custom dashboards based to measure sustainability.
  • Collaboration tools to digitally connect the entire business network with one common experience, one security model and one integrated source of data.

According to Manav Garg, founder and CEO of Eka, “As the world shifts towards a sustainable future, we are all recognizing the pressing need to embed ESG and Sustainability discipline into our business operations. With the launch of Eka Sustainability and ESG reporting solution we are empowering enterprises with their sustainability disclosures and helping them address opportunities and risks that affect their operations, and most importantly their reputation.”