A spectacular Season 2 Launch of The Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project on October 4th

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The Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project New Delhi, 4th October 2023 – The Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project, in collaboration with the Tourism Department and The Meghalayan Age, has announced the highly anticipated launch of its second season, slated from October 4, 2023 onwards. The event will take place in Khyndailad, Police Bazar in Shillong, promising a spectacular showcase of Meghalaya’s musical talent.

Building on the resounding success of its inaugural season in 2022, the Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project was conceived by the Government of Meghalaya with the vision of nurturing and promoting local musicians, songwriters, composers, event firms, and technical vendors. Furthermore, the project aims to forge a profound connection between music and tourism, spotlighting the rich cultural heritage of Meghalaya.

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Shri Conrad K Sangma will grace the occasion as the Chief Guest, along with the Hon’ble Minister of Tourism, Bah Paul Lyngdoh, gracing the occasion as the Guest of Honour. It is noteworthy that both the Ministers have been closely associated with music, not only in its promotion but also in performance.

The Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project was officially launched by Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Conrad K Sangma on April 26, 2022. This project also offers venues where tourists and locals may enjoy a range of musical acts and attractions, while also giving musicians, technical suppliers, and budding event businesses, among others, jobs and financial assistance.

Around 1600 performers were given opportunities to perform at cafes, busking areas, and at special events over the course of the last ten months as part of the MGMP, which has organized around 3000 music events in Shillong, Tura, Jowai, and Sohra.

The total number of MGMP artists engaged in Shillong from May 2022- May 2023 is 1735 in Shillong, 281 in Sohra, 117 in Jowai, and 216 in Tura. As far as the Street performance platform (busking) is concerned, a total of 650 artists performed in Shillong, 325 in Sohra, and 320 in Tura. Again, 650 artists performed at café gigs in Shillong, 325 in Sohra, 325 in Jowai and 320 in Tura. There were 15 special curated music events in Shillong, 1 in Sohra, and 12 in Tura.

In his remarks during the launch of the project last year, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Shri Conrad K Sangma stated, “We believe that music has the power to unite communities, celebrate diversity, and tell the stories of our land. The Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project is our commitment to nurturing and celebrating our local talent, fostering an atmosphere where musicians, songwriters, composers, and all those involved in the music industry can thrive. Through this project, we aim to showcase not just the incredible musical talent of Meghalaya but also the vibrant cultural tapestry that makes our state so unique. Music and tourism are intrinsically linked, and we envision a harmonious symphony between the two, with our project serving as a bridge that connects our rich heritage to the world. As we embark on Season 2, we look forward to seeing this vision flourish and resonate with people far and wide.”

Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project (MGMP) not only serves as a catalyst for emerging musicians but also promises tourists a unique opportunity to enjoy musical extravaganzas. An exciting calendar of events, along with special performances, is meticulously curated to cater to music enthusiasts.

Since its inception, MGMP has witnessed a wave of talented artists. The State Government has built spaces in Khyndailad, Laitumkhrah, Mawkdok, and Sohra for these live street musical events. Cafes in Shillong, Jowai, and Tura regularly host live performances, busking and street plays, and café gigs on a regular basis.

This year’s launch of Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project – Season 2 promises to be an unforgettable event, celebrating the fusion of music, culture, and tourism in Meghalaya. With the support of the government, talented artists, and enthusiastic music lovers. MGMP will continue to be a shining beacon for the field of music in the state.