APICES Studio Pvt Ltd Announces Strategic Collaboration with HOSMART for Healthcare Facility Development

APICES Studio Pvt Ltd Mumbai, December 14, 2023: APICES Studio Pvt Ltd, a leading architecture firm known for its innovative and comprehensive design solutions, has announced a strategic collaboration with HOSMART, a prominent hospital management company specializing in navigating the intricacies of the global healthcare market. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the industry as APICES and HOSMART join forces to provide end-to-end solutions for healthcare facility development.

In addition to its comprehensive design solutions, APICES Studio Pvt Ltd specializes in building Data Centres, IT Business centers, and Residential and Mixed-Use complexes, now broadening its expertise across diverse sectors. APICES is poised to lead this collaboration as an established architectural firm since 2004 with a broad outreach encompassing diverse projects. The firm will engage directly with clients, understanding their projects holistically while entrusting the healthcare component to the expertise of HOSMART. With its dedicated focus on healthcare, HOSMART will oversee aspects such as space planning, equipment planning, workforce allocation, and all other healthcare-related requirements specified by the clients.

Commenting on the collaboration, Hardik Pandit, Director of APICES Studio Pvt Ltd, said, “We are thrilled to embark on this collaboration with HOSMART, a company that brings unparalleled expertise in healthcare facility management and design. This partnership allows us to combine our established platform with HOSMART’s specialized technicality, offering clients a seamless and comprehensive approach to healthcare facility development. Together, we aim to address the evolving needs of the Indian healthcare market and contribute to the growth of the healthcare vertical.”

Incorporating cutting-edge technology into every facet of healthcare design, APICES Studio Pvt Ltd will introduce a pioneering approach that will integrate Virtual Reality (VR) experiences and harness the efficiency of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within architectural and interior healthcare solutions. This innovative utilization of VR will offer clients immersive walkthroughs, enabling them to experience and fine-tune designs in a virtual environment before physical implementation. Simultaneously, AI algorithms will be employed to optimize spatial layouts, streamline operational efficiencies, and enhance user experience. By seamlessly weaving VR and AI into the fabric of their designs, APICES will redefine the boundaries of traditional architectural practices, ensuring that healthcare spaces not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of the industry while setting new benchmarks in user-centric design innovation.

The collaboration will primarily target private players in healthcare, including independent doctors looking to establish their healthcare facilities, ranging from mid-sized to large-scale facilities. Additionally, the partnership will extend its reach to the public sector, collaborating with state governments to expand the number of beds and ICU facilities within various regions.

Ar. Yadneshwar R Pathak, Director of HOSMART Healthcare, emphasized, “Post COVID Era, it’s the phase where all industries are aware of the NEED for the number of beds in Cities and Towns. The Healthcare fraternity, Doctors with all their excellence in their field are more willing to add better infrastructure to their healthcare setups. Other non-medical businesses are looking at healthcare as their social responsibility as well as a reliable option to diversify their businesses. Governments of all developing countries from Africa, North Asia, South East Asia, and South America have increased the funding and are also ensuring that there is an upsurge in the development of the Healthcare sector holistically.”

He continued, “We at HOSMART, work purely for the passion towards healthcare research and have established the organization in Thane, where the collaboration with a senior establishment like APICES Studio Pvt Ltd is a big opportunity to strengthen the workforce collectively with complimentary and comprehensive intelligence to the field of healthcare for technically advanced, precise, and cost-effective solutions.”

One of the critical features of this collaboration is its global perspective. APICES plans to focus on taking care of international healthcare requirements wherever needed, partnering with HOSMART, which already has a presence in Africa and is exploring opportunities in South America and Ukraine. The partners aim to continue to uphold international healthcare facility planning and design standards, ensuring a uniform and high-quality approach to healthcare infrastructure globally.

With this collaboration, APICES Studio and HOSMART are committed to achieving excellence in healthcare design through the pursuit of nationally and internationally recognized certifications such as IGBC, LEED, and WELL. These certifications underscore the dedication to sustainable, environmentally conscious designs prioritizing the health and well-being of occupants. Additionally, the collaborative approach involves employing Building Information Modelling (BIM) simulations, ensuring precision and efficiency throughout the design and construction phases. As healthcare strategists and facility planners, HOSMART boasts an integrated team comprising Doctors, Hospital Administrators, Medical Planners, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Bio-medical Experts, Chartered Accountants, IT specialists, and Communication experts, all under one roof. Recognizing healthcare as both a noble service and a business endeavor, HOSMART specializes in simplifying operational complexities for healthcare providers, aligning designs with their vision, and ultimately crafting facilities that harmonize tradition with innovation.

With APICES managing statutory approvals from municipal authorities and HOSMART handling medical licensing and other clearances from healthcare authorities, the collaboration streamlines the client development process while synergizing the core competencies and ensuring the delivery of paramount efficiency. The collaborative effort reflects APICES and HOSMART’s commitment to revolutionizing healthcare facility development and designing spaces that meet the highest standards of functionality, aesthetics, and compliance.