Entod Beauty London Launches SolFactor, A Sunscreen Ultra Matte Gel with SILCROS™ Technology

SOLFACTORDecember 14, 2023: ENTOD Beauty London, a division of Entod Pharmaceuticals, unveiled SOLFACTOR™- a novel silicone-based broad-spectrum SPF 50 ultra matte sunscreen gel designed for both the face and body. This mattifying, ultra-lightweight sunscreen enhances skin defense against UV light, blue light, infrared, and high-energy visible light. It also shields the skin from pollution, protecting against free radical damage. It is non-comedogenic, water & sweat-resistant, and leaves no residue on the skin.

SOLFACTOR™ incorporates the groundbreaking proprietary cross-linked silicone matrix technology called SILCROS™ that allows the formation of a protective matrix shield on the skin surface to enhance sunscreen potency and duration of action with better spreadability across the skin.

Empowered by SILCROS™ Technology, this sunscreen employs a multifaceted skincare approach by forming a protective matrix shield on the epidermis. Enhancing sunscreen potency and duration of action, it minimizes skin irritation, promotes safety, and offers excellent spreadability, ensuring an ultra-matte finish with superior aesthetics. Efficient heat reflection, maintenance of skin texture and smoothness, along with non-comedogenic and water & sweat-resistant properties, define its comprehensive benefits. Dermatologically tested and 100% vegan, this sunscreen caters to all skin types, emphasizing its commitment to effective, safe, and inclusive skincare.

SOLFACTOR™ has been indigenously developed for the Indian skin type in a state-of-the-art skincare research facility and will be available on prescription through dermatologist clinics across India.

“After months of dedicated research and testing, the team at ENTOD embarked on a mission to develop the ultimate daily face protection that would adapt to our clients’ ever-changing routines. The Invisible Silicone Sunscreen Ultra Matte Gel, powered by SILCROS™ Technology, is the culmination of our commitment to delivering skincare solutions that prioritize efficacy and elegance. We believe this product will not only redefine sun care but also seamlessly integrate into the diverse lifestyles of our valued customers,” says Mrs. Anjula Masurkar, Clinical Director at ENTOD Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Nikkhil K Masurkar, CEO at ENTOD Pharmaceuticals expressed his research team’s achievements in developing a technologically & aesthetically superior daily face & body sunscreen protection that adapts to clients’ ever-changing routines through cutting-edge research that merges science with beauty.

ENTOD Beauty London garnered attention last year with the introduction of its Eyecirque range, transforming eye health and under-eye skincare. Expanding on this triumph, the brand unveils its newest achievement, a revolutionary fusion of skincare and sun protection. As ENTOD Beauty London continues to pioneer skincare innovation, this latest addition reinforces its commitment to setting new standards and meeting the evolving needs of consumers.

ENTOD Pharmaceuticals continues to lead in skincare innovation, aligning its products with evolving consumer needs and setting new industry standards.