Chaibasa resident Ankit Prasad, Founder & CEO, Bobble AI, participates in ‘Budget Seminar’; gives important suggestions to promote entrepreneurship in Jharkhand

Ankit with Hemant Soren

Ranchi, Jan 29, 2022: Ankit Prasad, Founder and CEO of Bobble AI, the world’s first Conversation Media Platform and Chaibasa resident, recently participated in the ‘Budget Seminar’ organized by the Finance Department of Jharkhand Government, in tandem with Chief Minister Hemant Soren, Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon, Principal Secretary Sukhdev Singh and the Finance Department. In the presence of Principal Secretary Ajay Kumar Singh, several suggestions were made on the issue of promoting entrepreneurship in the state, to create a conducive environment for start-ups in Jharkhand.

The event saw the convergence of several experts from different fields focusing on making the upcoming budget effective and development-oriented. Ankit Prasad offered his inputs from an entrepreneur’s point of view. Educated in Jharkhand’s cities like Chaibasa and Jamshedpur, Ankit’s company Bobble AI is included in the list of the world’s fastest-growing technology companies in India as well as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East countries, the US and many countries of Europe.

Bobble AI has created several keyboard applications that are currently used by more than 65 million mobile users, competing with the keyboard applications created by Google and Microsoft. At present, the valuation of his company has exceeded Rs. 1200 crores, which is also a matter of pride for Jharkhand.

Participating in the ‘Budget Seminar’, Ankit Prasad gave many important suggestions, whose aim is to develop Jharkhand as a state conducive to entrepreneurship. Talking on the issue of promotion of entrepreneurship and information technology in the state, he said, “There is no dearth of talent in Jharkhand and if a conducive environment is created for start-ups in the state, the day is not far when the cities of Jharkhand also have much greater opportunities. There will be a group of young entrepreneurs whose talent will be recognized by the whole world. But for this, the problems and needs of young entrepreneurs on the ground, such as setting up of expert groups for mentorship, creating a fund with private investors for seed funding, making favorable changes in government rules, laws/guidelines related to company formation and operation, need to be addressed. To encourage various activities at the district level, linking coding with school education on the lines of Goa, for talented youth from the marginalized sections of the society as well as women from the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes. Steps like updating school curriculums, giving opportunities to marginalized groups, providing financial assistance and other necessary facilities will have to be taken. With this, not only will the youth of the state be able to make their dreams come true, but it will also combat the problem of unemployment, which can be very important for the state’s economy in the future.”

The Finance Department, Government of Jharkhand organized the program in association with the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi, which is a new initiative in itself and is expected to help in making the policies and budget provisions of the government more effective. During this, Ankit Prasad submitted a list of his suggestions related to the development of start-ups in Jharkhand to Chief Minister Hemant Soren, who assured that the state government would definitely take necessary steps in this direction so that the youth of Jharkhand would not have to migrate to other states to achieve their dreams. It is believed that the state government can make some big announcements in this direction in the upcoming budget.