How to take care of your diamonds during the monsoon

How to take care of your diamonds during the monsoon

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The monsoon season is a heartwarming, romantic time filled with nostalgia that brings with it a breath of fresh air after the intense summer heat. Not everyone loves the monsoons, especially your jewellery. Added moisture and humidity so characteristic of this season hamper the sparkle of your gems. Scintillating diamonds can lose their sheen and beauty during the rains and need that extra dose of tender loving care to ensure they sparkle.

De Beers Forevermark diamonds shares five simple ways you can protect your diamonds the monsoon season:

  1. Say no to moisture – Excessive humidity-induced moisture during these months is one of the main causes that can hamper your diamond jewelry. Regular cleaning can keep their shine and sparkle alive. Impurities in the rainwater can leave harmful sediments on your diamonds making them dull. Cleaning them gently with a simple selvet cloth or washing them with regular soap and watercan preserve their luster. Once washed, lay them on a soft towel to air dry.
  2. Know when best to put on your diamonds – We often ignore the fact that the chemicals in our perfumes, makeup, setting spray, etc., can adversely affect the beauty of natural diamonds, making them lose their sheen. Ensuring you wear your diamonds at the end of your dressing routine will preserve their shine. Apply your makeup, do your hair, spray your perfume & lastly adorn your sparkling diamonds.
  3. Store them properly – The easiest way to ensure that your diamonds do not get scratched or lose their newness is to store them in separate pouches rather than bundling them all up in one box. Use a hard-case box with soft lining to avoid any breakage or scratches. Better still, put them in separate zip pouches orwrapping them individually in soft muslin cloth can also prevent scratches to the jewellery.
  4. Keep your diamond sparkling- Every De Beers Forevermark diamond is distinct and unique. Like snowflakes, no two diamonds are alike which is why these precious gifts of nature need to be looked after regularly. Once a week, soak your diamond jewelry in water with a few drops of mild soap for a few minutes. Use a toothbrush or any other small brush to clean off any dirt nestled in the undersides and grooves.
  5. Handling diamond jewelry – Goes without saying that these rare, precious gems must always be handled with care. Avoid touching the diamonds in your jewelry directly with your fingers so you don’t leave a smudge on their sparkle. When you take off your diamond ring, always keep it rock side up to make sure the rock doesn’t get loose.

These little techniques can ensure your diamonds sparkle forever.