Indian Quantum Mission Architect Dr Murali Mohan In Advisory Board Of GKQCTP, A Gujarat Based Quantum Tech. Park Project

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16th Oct 2023, New Delhi, India Ex-Mission Director of DST (Deptt. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India) who was also an originator and architect of National Quantum Mission of Govt. of India, Dr K R Murali Mohan, has been nominated in High-level Advisory Board of India’s first Quantum Computing Tech. Park, Greater Karnavati Quantum Computing Technology Park (GKQCTP) project proposed in Gujarat, by the park promoter Innogress.

As a member of the Advisory Board of GKQCTP, he shall be guiding and mentoring the project team in developing Quantum Tech. ecosystem in India through this Gujarat-based Quantum Computing Tech. Park.

At present, Dr K R Murali Mohan is a Professor in Computer Science & Engineering, Director (incubation) and Director (Sponsored Research), at Presidency University, Bengaluru, an academic role which he took post his retirement from Govt. of India last June, which he shall be continuing with, in addition to this new honorary advisor role at GKQCTP.

Welcoming Dr. KR Murli Mohan to the ‘GKQCTP’ Advisory Board, Founder of Innogress and promoter of ‘GKQCTP’ Mr. Sumant Parimal said “Dr. Murli Mohan is an eminent Quantum Tech. Scientist of India, and as Mission Director at DST, he conceptualized and architected the National Quantum Mission (NQM), which was approved recently by the P.M. Modi cabinet for implementation at a budgetary outlay of Rs.6003.65 crore. Through this NQM, he nurtured a vision of creating large-scale Quantum Computing (QC) and Quantum Tech. (QT) ecosystem in India for making our country a leader in Quantum Technology. Post-retirement from Govt. of India, he now accepted our invitation to join our Greater Karnavati Quantum Computing Tech. Park (GKQCTP) apex advisory board with an objective to execute our national ambition of large-scale QC-QT ecosystem creation through this proposed Quantum Tech. Park at Gujarat”.

While accepting Innogress’ s invite to join ‘GKQCTP’ Advisory Board Dr KR Murli Mohan said “Quantum Computing and Quantum Technology going to create a new World order as Quantum Tech. is a hidden treasure and holds trillions of dollars worth new innovation opportunities its underneath. QC-QT is going to impact and add value tremendously to our economy and our lives. I do believe that by establishing early leadership in Quantum Tech. based on emerging innovations, India can realize its ambition of becoming the top three economies of the World and a developed country in the next two decades. Emerging Quantum Tech. applications and its vast indigenized know-how development opportunities are like a Vishwa Guru moment for India, which we should catch at lightning speed ”.

“When I was working on developing National Quantum Mission under DST, we did envision setting up Quantum Tech. Park and hubs in India, and I find this Gujarat-based Quantum Tech. Park Project ‘GKQCTP’ is in line with that vision. So, being on the Apex Advisory Board of ‘GKQCTP’ is like the continuation of my past work at NQM of DST, with an accelerated opportunity to execute those mission goals in a startup-private environment by involving Govts., academic, and research institutions, other institutions, enterprises, tech. firms and investors. QC-QT Opportunities are huge, now we have to accelerate our efforts towards mining those opportunities earliest, and GKQCTP is the right project in the right direction for tapping those opportunities” says eminent quantum scientist Dr KR Murli Mohan.

Meanwhile Gujarat Govt. has started its roadshows and investors meet events for the Vibrant Gujarat 2024 summit, and an MoU between GKQCTP project promoter Innogress, and Govt. of Gujarat for setting up of Greater Karnavati Quantum Computing Technology Park is likely to happen under Vibrant Gujarat 2024, as the previous version of Vibrant Gujarat, Vibrant Gujarat 2022, was canceled due to Covid in Jan 2022 since then this GKQCTP project MoU got pending.