Indians all over the moon with India being on the moon

Dr Birbal JhaBy Dr Birbal Jha

New Delhi, 25.08. 2023 We must doff our hats to the scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) under the Government of India for soft-landing the Chandrayaan-3, which is a spacecraft cocooning in the robotic rover- Pragyan, on the uncharted airless south pole of the moon. They have made the day of 23 August 2023 historic and achieved a milestone in the annals of India and the World alike.

Remarkably, India has become the first-ever country in the world with the spacecraft- Ch-3 landing on the unexplored and unmapped south pole of the moon, which is said to be very potential for scientific space research. Let’s offer our sincerest congratulations to the entire ISRO team on making us a member of the lunar club, which includes the US, the erstwhile USSR, and China at the moment.

Let’s be proud of our great India that didn’t ever promise us the moon, rather it has given us the moon now. So, we can say India does not cry for the moon, but it plucks us moons and stars now. Our Pragyan is seen roving on the moon in order to explore what lies there.

Millions and millions of hats off to the ISRO scientists who have taken India to the moon and new heights with an Indian tricolor flag on it to study the lunar geology and spectrum. Indubitably, they deserve all accolades for making the robotic rover- Pragyan walks on the surface of the moon. Having had such achievements in space science and technology, we Indians must be over the moon seeing that India is on the moon now.

Don’t ever moon at India, but be over the moon with India’s progress and scientific prowess as an emerging world leader. Let’s moon over what more we can do ahead. There is no need to moon about negative thoughts that often hold us back. Let’s recall the American astronaut-cum-aeronautical engineer Neil Alden Armstrong, who was the first person to walk on the moon in 1969. However, it was many moons ago. Once India used to be the World Guru. Again, it is back on track with its phenomenal track record.

For now, we cannot afford to ignore the fact that this is the era of science and technology which makes life easier and comfortable. It augurs well for the generation to come. Let’s not bark at the moon, do petty politics, and have nonsensical talks. Rather, let’s shoot for the moon. Over time, we will have the moon on a stick as the saying goes ‘constant dropping wears away a stone’.

Hence, a salute of thousands of cannons to the leadership that helps us actualise our dreams as we Indians are all over the moon seeing that India is on the moon! Once in a blue moon, we get to know such news. Let’s love India to the moon.